22 Year Old Nick Tippmann’s Party Leads To Cuban Investment In Atlanta Statup Bad.gy

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22 year old Nick Tippmann With Mavs Owner Mark Cuban (photo: IU Kelly School Of Business)

It was SuperBowl weekend in Indianapolis and 22 year old startup evangelist Nick Tippmann was charged with a task by his mentor Larry Chiang. The task, organize a viewing party for the season premiere of ABC’s Shark Tank. To make the task even more stressful, ABC Shark Tank Shark and Dallas Maverick’s Owner Mark Cuban would actually come to the party.

With less than 10 hours lead time from speaking with Chiang until the premiere of Shark Tank season 3 the whirlwind of startup energy went into motion. Tippmann booked the venue, took care of the menu and started formulating a guest list which of course included Startup America CEO (who I’ve now got beat in travel miles) Scott Case.  Both Chiang and Tippmann said that the Westin was very accommodating and that the infamous Don Shula was gracious in accommodating the party in his restaurant. Tippmann pointed out that Cuban hadn’t had a chance to meet Shula until then either.

Somewhere in Indianapolis, Atlanta startup Badgy founder Rob Kischuck was preparing for the Super Bowl. He knew there would be a Startup America event that Friday night and heard about the party that Chiang and Tippmann were hosting later on that afternoon.

Tippmann tells Nibletz exclusively that there were 23 IU students at the party and over 50 entrepreneurs. “My mentor Larry Chiang and I were talking about startups and entrepreneurs at a table with Cuban when Kischuck came up and told us about his startup. Badgy sounded like a great idea…”

Tippmann was shocked at the turnout for the party thrown together with just a moments notice. “It was good for all of the students and entrepreneurs that came out” as to Cuban, Tippmann said “Mark was very approachable, and he gets energized talking to most entrepreneurs. It was a rather intimate setting and a lot of the entrepreneurs were able to get face time with Mark”

As for Badgy, the Atlanta startup’s booth was non-stop at Monday’s TechCrunch Atlanta meet up. Kischuk was pitching from just about 6pm-10pm straight.

Thursday his company announced a $600,000 round led by Cuban.

Badgy helps increase visibility to Facebook marketers with “badges”. The innovative marketing idea also caught the eye of super Angel Sig Mosley who recently came out of retirement with a $25 million dollar venture fund. Bad.gy is also a graduate of Georgia Tech’s accelerator FlashPoint.


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Indiana Startups: This Is Nick Tippmann VIDEO INTERVIEW

Indiana entrepreneur and startup founder Nick Tippmann and I have a lot in common. First off we both get carded to buy cigarettes (I know I know I need to quit), and he would probably get carded for NC-17 movies as well. The fact is that Tippmann is actually 22 years old and has already founded a startup that has been moved to the back burner.

Nick’s Impulse Coupons startup has is a great idea but he told us that he couldn’t put the right team together. He also quickly became very involved in the Indiana startup scene and the midwest startup scene. In just the last year (and at 22 but looking 15) Tippmann has: attended all the startup events at SXSWi, hosted a Shark Tank season premiere party for Mark Cuban (which Cuban attended), been to DEMO on DEMO’s dime, Big Omaha,Chicago TechWeek, oh and did we mention that he founded Startup Weekend Bloomington?

Right now the connections that Tippmann has made probably mean he could do anything or go anywhere he wanted. He was able to foster a relationship with Cuban at the party he and his mentor Larry Chiang threw for Cuban while he was in town for the Super Bowl which just happened to be the same weekend as the Shark Tank season 3 premiere.

He’s also formed a relationship with Startup America CEO Scott Case and countless others. Heck 500 startups founder Dave McClure even follows Super Nick on Twitter.

Tippmann is a whirlwind of startup energy with the conviction of only the most hardworking entrepreneurs and founders. He went to TechWeek in Chicago last week with a very unclear plan of where he was staying, locked his keys in the car one night and slept in it the next.

Tippmann takes every opportunity he gets to establish new relationships and nurture the ones he’s already had.

So what’s Super Nick doing next? Tippmann rode the Startup Bus from Cincinnati to South By Southwest. The Startup Bus kicked off at the Brandery and from that experience he knew he wanted to get into the next session which starts Monday. He has joined a team called Flock’d which is pivoting from a bar and restaurant check-in app, to something awesome in the world of sports.

Tippmann will leave for Cincinnati on Sunday but admitted tonight at the Verge event in Indianapolis that he hasn’t packed and has no idea where he’ll live. Lucky for him he drives a Suburban which could grow to be quite comfortable. The co-founders at Flock’d are going to make sure he has a roof over his head so he can get to work spreading the word about their startup and creating the fire that comes natural to him.

So what does Tippmann do in his free time? Well he meets more people, talks about more startups, mentors for the Lean Startup Machine in Chicago, consults with anyone who wants to talk to him and plans his next conquest.

Check out the interview video below:

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Shark Tank “Entities” Can Take 5% Equity No Matter What

We talk about Shark Tank on ABC here on nibletz.com quite a bit. That’s partly because it’s a great show about startups and partly because no matter what we’ve reported it’s still my favorite show.

In fact, Daymond John and Mark Cuban have done some great things for entrepreneurs, startups, and even students interested in startups and entrepreneurship. Both Cuban and John speak regularly at entrepreneurship conferences and colleges. John even held a Google+ hangout for high school students studying business.

We recently obtained the application for your business to appear on the Shark Tank. It’s not a top secret application or anything like that. Just about any entrepreneur interested in Shark Tank’s open casting calls can obtain the same application.

We highly advise, that if you’re planning on pitching your startup to Shark Tank in their open casting call, and especially if you make it past that point that you read the fine print.

As the headline states, Shark Tank producer’s Finnmax, Sony Pictures Television, and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), have some very interesting rights, if you chose to appear on the show.

First off they have an option to receive a 2% royalty of the operating profits of any business that actually appears on the show itself, regardless of whether the sharks invest.

If they decide not to take the 2% royalty they have the option to instead take a 5% equity interest in the business.

Now keep in mind this 5% equity investment isn’t in exchange for any funding at all and isn’t contingent on the startup getting funding from one of the sharks. This is just for appearing on the show itself.

That section of the application does go onto say that the “Shark Tank Entities” will give good faith consideration as to which of the two options the business owner/entrepreneur wants them to have, be it the 2% royalty or 5% equity, however it’s at the sole discretion of the “entities” and the irrevocable option is available for two years.

Shark Tank is currently on break but will return for a fourth season and I will watch every episode as I’ve done on the previous three seasons. But now we all know a little more about the show.


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Boston Startup: KontrolTV Is Another Cuban Backed Startup Who Won Another Huge Contest

Daniel Gnecco and his father Juan Pablo Gnecco founders of MOVL/KontrolTV (photo bu.edu)

Just moments ago we wrote about Mark Cuban backed startup Kisstixx out of Utah who just won the United States Small Business Administration Video Contest. Kisstixx was able to convince Dallas Mavericks owner and venture capitalist Mark Cuban to shell out $200,000 of his own money on national tv, for the innovative lip balm startup.

KontrolTV was a little different. As our friends at Bostinno.com report. Daniel Gnecco, a senior at Boston University this past school year, convinced Cuban to invest in his family run startup MOVL. The younger Gnecco is a co-founder in the video startup with his father Juan Pablo Gnecco.

As the story goes, Daniel saw that Cuban would be speaking at an entrepreneurship event at Babson. Daniel was able to get into the event and then have some face time with Cuban after he finished speaking.

Cuban reportedly emailed Daniel later that day and immediately started negotiating a deal with MOVL. The talks were interrupted by the ending of the NBA walkout but once basketball resumed so did the discussions between Cuban and the Boston startup.

According to bostinno.com Cuban invested $500,000 into the startup that lets you link your television experience with your social activity via your mobile device. It’s a little more robust than GetGlue.

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Shark Tank Startup From Utah Wins National Small Business Video Contest

You may have seen Kisstixx on ABC’s Shark Tank. The innovative new lip balms that have some kind of attraction, secret formula that makes kissing more compatible, was able to garner a $200,000 investment from Mark Cuban.  When Cuban is asked about Shark Tank startups that he really likes, he often references Kissstix.

The Utah Valley University student founders of Kisstixx, Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo, shared their story via video in a small business contest and were one of four winners selected by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

“We are so proud of Dallas and Mike. They are the quintessential entrepreneurs; innovative, driven, disciplined and always learning,” said Shauna Theobald, director of UVU’s Woodbury School of Business Entrepreneurship Institute to UtahPulse.com. “In spite of their rapid ascent into the national spotlight, they remain committed to connecting and collaborating with other startups and with proven mentors. They’ve demonstrated the power of leveraging the resources and networks of the UVU startup community.”

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Disrupt Is Like Shark Tank, Capital Connection & TechBUZZ Are Like Pitching To Trump

We saw some of the best and brightest new startups from primarily the greater Washington DC area, at TechBUZZ today. TechBUZZ kicks off the annual CapitalConnection conference which focuses on private equity, startups, growth companies and emerging trends.

Capital Connection is celebrating its 25th anniversary super serving the private investment community in the greater Washington DC area. When Capital Connection first started out most of the investors invested in companies within 100 miles of their homes here. Nowadays with the global change in startup climate, angel funding and venture funding, the hundreds of investors at the conference represent a global community.

Although we’ve been to Launch, DEMO and TechCrunch Disrupt (even yesterday), Capital Connection feels different. It’s a more seasoned crowd of investors ranging from angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms and more. Where you get the feeling that the angel and VC firms we read about in TechCrunch and PandoDaily every day, are great people but even fairly new themselves, the Capital Connection conference feels like more seasoned, and dare I even say “old money”.

A better analogy may be, that where pitching at TechCrunch Disrupt, DEMO or Launch would be like pitching to Shark Tank, Capital Connection feels more like pitching to Donald Trump.

Where we wore shots and nibletz t-shirts yesterday we’re in slacks and polos today and possibly a bit underdressed. If you’ve ever been to a startup conference it’s typically shorts, crocs and your startups t-shirt. Presenters today are in long sleeves, some with their startup t-shirt hanging out and some in ties and jackets.

All of this atmosphere makes the pitch seem a little more formal and probably a little tougher on the startup.

We’ll be bringing you coverage over the next couple of days from this amazing conference.


Shark Tank: When A Startup Gets Thrown Back


If If you’re a regular reader of Nibletz, the voice of startups everywhere else, then you should also be a loyal viewer of The Shark Tank on ABC. Despite the story I’m writing right now it’s still my favorite television program of all time. If you’re not familiar with The Shark Tank on ABC, it’s a show that pits real startups and entrepreneurs against self made millionaires; Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John and Mark Cuban.

It must be heart breaking to be like Oregon entrepreneurs Sue Krukopf and Nancy Bush who pitched their startup, mywonderfullife.com, on the season premiere of Season 3 of the Shark Tank. While they had a good enough idea to get past an open casting call and other preliminary judges, when they made it to the tank, all five investors balked and they walked away with nothing. One of the rules of the Shark Tank is that you have to convince at least one of the “sharks” to invest exactly what you’re asking for or more, or you walk away with nothing.

What has to be even more heartbreaking is cases like Keeley Tillotson and Erika Welsh (coincidentally also from Oregon) whose Wild Squirrel Nut Butter startup was featured on this past Friday’s episode of Shark Tank. This Friday Shark Tank actually ranked number one out of all of the programs in it’s time slot, so millions and millions of people watched as Tillotson and Welsh, two quirky college students pitched their business.

In their episode it got down to the wire. Four of the sharks were out and only self made real estate mogul, turned shark, Barbara Corcoran was left. The girls were looking for $50,000 for 10% equity in their company. Corcoran countered with $50,000 for 40% equity of their company.

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UPDATED: Oregon Startup: Wild Squirrel Nut Butter Wins Investment On Shark Tank

(photo Sally Ho/The Oregonian)

We are diligently working on a piece now highlighting a string of investments that the Sharks have pulled out of since the show has aired.

In the case of Wild Squirrel Nut Butter, Shark Barbara Corcoran pulled out of the $50,000 investment for 40% that she had negotiated with the girls on the show.

Keely and Erica penned this tumblr entry after the embargo lifted on Friday highlighting the fact that Corcoran had pulled out of the investment, although they gained a lot of exposure and insight from Ms. Corcoran.

We are going to elaborate in a much larger piece about Shark Tank, which is still my favorite show of all time, however we want to add here that it’s not the fault of the Shark themselves. We hold accountable the producers who know well in advance that a shark has pulled out of the deal before airing. The producers of Shark Tank, Mark Burnett and ABC are doing the viewers, the startups and the sharks an injustice by not providing an update prior to airing that the investment didn’t actually work out. 

There is plenty of time between the taping of the episode and the airing of the episode to provide the back story.  The sharks are using their own money and they have to do their due diligence. Shark Tank provides a disclaimer in the beginning of every episode announcing it’s the sharks own money and that there is no pitch to the audience. They should also provide the same service at the end of each episode with an update as to what happens.

Below is the original story that we published this morning before being pointed to Keeley and Erica’s blog.

Two college girls from Oregon were featured on this week’s Shark Tank. They were cute, preppy, peppy and a little bit nervous, as anyone would be in front of the Shark’s on Shark Tank.

They came into the episode with their story about drive but didn’t have the numbers to attract an investment from Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John or Robert Herjavec however they did catch the eye of real estate mogul turned Shark Tank investor, Barbara Corcoran.

Corcoran had made a gamble on a duo of political workers turned Barbecue company founders last season with their Pork Barrel Barbecue sauce. With the help of Corcoran the duo behind Pork Barrel was able to drastically improve their sales and distribution and they even opened up a restaurant.

The episode featuring Keeley Tillotson and Erika Welsh was taped last September, but as with all reality shows they are under a strict embargo from speaking a word about Shark Tank until after their episode aired. Prior to Friday nights showing, Shark Tank warned the girls to back up their website and expect lots of orders.

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Mark Cuban: There’s A Bubble In SiliconValley…Nowhere Else

Self made billionaire, ABC Shark Tank Shark and Dallas Maverick owners Mark Cuban recently spent some time with the Wall Street Cheat Sheeet’s, Damien Hoffman. Of course the wonderful “Bubble 2.0” question came up, and Cuban’s response will be a-ok with the target audience of Nibletz, the voice of startups everywhere else.

“There is a bubble only in tech investing in Silicon Valley. Nowhere else in the U.S.” Cuban said in the interview. All of Cuban’s most recent interviews have suggested that valuations in the Valley are way over-hyped. Our West Coast Editor (and co-founder) Brent Fishman has no problem talking abut the wild and crazy valuation of Pinterest. Fishman loves to point out that Pinterest has no actual “business model” in place.

One of the things about Cuban’s assessment being so true for startups “everywhere else” is the fact that even if the playing field in the venture capitalist arena was marginally fair, startups everywhere else already have to work twice as hard from everything else.

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Chicago: Daymond John To Speak At Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference May 23-25

FUBU founder and ABC’s Shark Tank, shark and investor, Daymond John will be speaking at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s conference in Chicago later this month. The conference is put on in conjunction with Nationwide insurance and over 1200 entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders as well  local and national business leaders.

John joins the likes of Gina Neely from Downhome with the Neely’s, Kim Coles, and national radio personality Michael Baisden. There is a complete list available here.

The Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference covers just about every aspect of business life. They are also holding the “Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Competition”, Small Business Successs Bootcamp, and “Equity Date With An Angel” which John will help kick off.

In addition to running his clothing empire and appearing on Shark Tank, Daymond John is a nationally known and respected speaker on all topics having to do with business, entrepreneurship and startups. He was recently the featured guest in a town hall meeting for high school students studying business across the country. This event was held in a Google Hangout setting, one of the largest Google Hangouts to date. Google hosted John at their New York office so that he could participate in the event.

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Utah High School Teacher Organizes Entrepreneurship/Startup Google+ Hangout With Shark Tank’s Daymond John

Daymond John the entrepreneur and brains behind the worldwide brand FuBu has been speaking to folks about the trials and tribulations of startups and entrepreneurship for years. Since he took his business from the trunk of the car and made it a recognized brand on every street corner in America and around the world John has been passionate about business. It also helps that he has been one of the panelists on ABC’s Shark Tank for all three seasons.

That’s why Utah High School Business teacher Jeff McCauley was resilient in trying to contact John for some kind of entrepreneurship event with his students. Originally McCauley had wanted to Skype with John and his class however that idea took a pivot in the year it took to nail a date down. What ended up happening was nothing short of phenomenal for the over 100 high school kids around the country that attended the hangout on Google’s Google+ Hangout platform.

McCauley is no stranger to Shark Tank either. He admits to showing the program to his students to show real life examples of the lessons that he teaches everyday.

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