The Key to Balancing Business and Personal Social Media

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Jobs Is Great For Entrepreneurs And Startups

Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, Apple, Jobs Movie

(photo: Jakob Henner)

So I went to see Jobs for the Thursday early showing. You know nowadays theaters aren’t even waiting until midnight to show Friday releases.

The movie was absolutely remarkable and blew me away, despite my being a huge Pirates of Silicon Valley fan.  The previews didn’t even do the movie justice. When I saw previews I thought that startup investor, entrepreneur and actor Ashton Kutcher would fail in comparison to Noah Wylie’s portrayal of Steve Jobs in the 1999 TNT film that’s now a cult classic.

Kutcher has been praised over and over again for his portrayal of Jobs. We knew before the movie debuted that Kutcher had studied Jobs more intently than any other role. Several news sources, mostly tech leaning, also pointed out that with Kutcher’s investment in startups, role as startup adviser, and entrepreneurial spirit, he was paying homage to a pioneer in a field that he may love even more than acting.

The script was very well written and chronicles the birth of Apple, to the ousting of Steve Jobs and then Jobs’ triumphant return to Apple and his subsequent replacing of the Board of Directors.

The movie opens with Kutcher (as Jobs) unveiling the iPod at an internal Town Hall meeting. The camera angles make the viewer wonder if they are watching some old Steve Jobs footage instead of Kutcher.

I’m not sure if it was in the screen play, Joshua Michael Stern’s direction, or Ashton Kutcher’s acting but the movie really stares down the barrel of entrepreneurship and takes a lot of time (possibly for dramatic effect) looking into those “startupy” moments of Apple.

For example, the movie concentrates on the early stages when Wozniak has an idea and Jobs shows him the potential. It looks at the founding team in a way that resonates with two person founding teams of today’s startups. There’s a tech guy (Steve Wozniak) and a business development guy and visionary (Steve Jobs), and of course Jobs is the ultimate visionary.

While the duo is adding employees 3 through 6, they are still in Jobs’ parents garage. They even have a token “young guy” who just wants to be a part of something, and they don’t even need to pay him (at first).  During that sequence of events you also see Jobs pitching over 100 companies on the phone, crossing names off of a list until the one angel believes in them. That is of course Michael Markkula.

Most of us startup folks knew the story of Apple well before the movie was even an idea, even before Walter Isaacson’s book came out. But we all knew the story of Facebook as well and went to see The Social Network.

The movie shows the struggle between the visionary leader and founder, the board of directors, and the CEO who was actually handpicked by Jobs. It repeatedly shows the iteration upon iteration of Apple and even spends a good amount of time on Apple’s big failure under Jobs, Lisa. Some may say that Newton was the company’s biggest failure, but that wasn’t under Jobs).

To tell the whole story, the movie could have gone on six hours, but in two hours and five minutes they did an amazing job of talking about the legacy of Steve Jobs and that legacy should resonate with all of our readers.


Where to Find a Startup Job (Infographic)

If you read Nibletz, you’re probably interested in startup culture. You are learning about VC’s, lean methodology, exits, and IPOs. You may even have a niggling idea for a great company.

But, what if you aren’t quite ready to dive in to founding yet? This happened to me a little less than a year ago, and it’s how I met the Nibletz team. I had an idea, met with a local startup leader, started doing customer discovery and…it went flat. In my case, the idea wasn’t feasible in our area, and I wasn’t really the right person for it anyway. With 3 young kids, I didn’t feel comfortable going all in with this idea, and founders are nothing if not “all in.”

I was hooked on startups, though. I didn’t think too much about being hired by one, but when Nibletz needed an editor, I knew I would do whatever it took to land the job. For now, working at a startup is just as good as founding one. Besides contributing to a greater vision I believe in, I’m learning more every day about what it takes to start a company. I also have the freedom, for now, to play with my own ideas and research potential problems to solve.

Maybe you’re in the same boat. Love startups, but aren’t in a position to found one yourself yet. Landing a job with a startup could be a great way to prepare yourself for your future world-changing idea. The infographic below shows some great places and industries to consider when looking for that perfect startup job.

My advice, though: don’t sweat it too much if you aren’t in the “right place.” Keep your eyes and ears open, and the right job will present itself.


StartUpHire Infographic



Kauzu Targets Entry Level Job Seekers With Smartphone And Basic Phone Apps


With all this innovation and startups targeting the job market there’s one job market that still remains horribly under served. The entry level or basic jobs market hasn’t had its own app or platform until now.

Chicago startup Kauzu, is taking advantage of the open space in the entry level jobs market. Grocery stores, retail jobs, call center jobs, fast food, crew work and other types of jobs can connect to local employees using one of two apps created by Kauzu.

Kauzu offers a smartphone app that allows users to view jobs on a map and find jobs in close proximity to their homes. They’ve also created a basic phone app that allows job seekers wuthout smart phones to text their zip code and get job listings close to them as we’ll.

We got a chance to interview Mitch Schneider, the founder and CEO of Kauzu. Check out our interview below:
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Montreal Startup: JobBook Automagically Matches Users To Jobs

JobBook,Canadian startup,startup, jobsWe’re all familiar with the old online job board model. You fill out a profile, then find the jobs you like and apply for them. Most jobs sites like and HotJobs (Yahoo), would make it easy for you to apply by simply storing your resume information and then manually applying for a job. Montreal startup JobBook is one of the newer breed of job sites which matches you to jobs based on your profile.

The other thing that JobBook is doing is

Nibletz Has News X3 Jobs, Interns, And Data Base

We’ve got some big huge news for Nibletz that we will be announcing shortly. In the meantime we’ve got these three BIG news items for you today.


We are going to start a jobs section for as soon as we have enough jobs submitted (knowing how our community works that should be this week).  Any startup “everywhere else” can send their job posting to and we will post it for you.

Please be sure to include contact information in the form of an email address, and or a direct applicant page. The listing can be as long as you would like. Each listing will get it’s own “page” on our site. We will list your job for FREE, however if you want to be part of our social media broadcast including our huge Twitter presence, Facebook, Google+ and AOL Radio (yes we own the AOL/Slacker radio station TDGN) then we ask for a $25 donation here to help with our outreach and road trip expenses. We will allow any jobs from any startup and YOU will be responsible for letting us know when the job is filled and to strike that page.  Again you can email the listing here and submit the donation here. The posting is free and will live on our site until the job is filled. We will promote it heavily for the $25 donation, and we know you love what we do so help the cause.



We are looking for a few good writing interns. Perhaps you would like to highlight entrepreneurship and startups in your area. We want interns who can commit to a few stories (or as many stories as they would like) per week.

Interns will learn the ins and outs of writing and working on a daily startup and tech website (blog). They will also learn best practices, how to create, edit and append Word Press posts and more. Interns will also be invited to attend regional startup and entrepreneurial events to cover the events for the site.

In exchange we will complete all your paperwork for college credit. We will also get you cleared into regional events that you can cover for the site and add as resume items.

You don’t need to be in college to do this if you feel like contributing to the site please send us an email at

There may be an opportunity for those that excel quickly to either start earning money or equity into the business. Together we can grow the voice of startups everywhere else.



We are going to introduce a new database of startups and startup resources “everywhere else” we aren’t looking to clone crunchbase or we are still staunch believers in the power of both. We are looking to create a database and community of startups outside of the valley to help and grow together. If you would like to submit your startup to the database, for now it can be done as an email to 

If you’re one of the nearly 1000 startups we’ve covered since the beginning of the year, we have an intern working on compiling that data now. We will launch the database in the coming weeks.


Obama To Visit Intel Factory In Arizona Today

photo: pcmag

Fresh on the heels of his State of the Union Address, President Obama is visiting an Intel plant in Arizona. Last night, as he was addressing a joint session of Congress Obama said:

Think about the America within our reach:  A country that leads the world in educating its people.  An America that attracts a new generation of high-tech manufacturing and high-paying jobs.

With that in mind Obama will tour one of Intel’s largest and most high tech processor manufacturing plants in Chandler, Arizona. The site known as Intel’s Fab 42 plant is under construction and is said to cost $5.2 billion dollars before the doors open in 2013 pouring jobs into the suburb of Phoenix. In fact according to PC Magazine this is the Intel’s Fab 42 plant is the second largest  construction project in the world right now next to the Olympic facilities being built in London.

Obama is taking a three day tour of Arizona, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and Michigan promoting bringing manufacturing jobs back to America and improving job skills training for US workers.

source: PC World