YEC Founder Scott Gerber Knows The Most Important Question to Ask

20131001_152244Scott Gerber woke up the mid-afternoon crowd at Everywhere Else Cincinnati. The fast talking, pacing New Yorker, pulled everyone together and mixed them all up in the middle of the room. Then, he instructed them to look to someone next to them and ask the most important question:

How can I help you?

After 30 seconds, he cut off the buzz and pointed out all the business cards exchanged and conversations started. The exercise highlighted the thesis on which he’s built the Young Entrepreneur Council: social capital is the most valuable currency in the age of social media. 

According to Fast Company, the most important role people can take on in the current economy is that of the superconnector. The superconnector spends his time trying to connect other people–even if on the surface they have nothing in common. The superconnector can see relationship possibilities where other people might not.

So, how do you become a superconnector? As with anything we do, the most important thing to get right is the mindset. Our instinct as people is to figure out what we can get from people. Within in 20 seconds, we decide if the person we’re talking to can help us.

The superconnector, however, asks first, “How can I help you?” They give (A LOT) before they take. And, they dedicate real, meaningful time to the people they meet. Gerber insists that we must walk away from the phones, walk away from the computer, and spend real time with the people we come across. We tend to think people with a lot of Twitter followers are influential, but that’s an ego metric that means far less than real conversations.

Gerber’s talk rings true in a world with fewer and fewer set industries. We live in a “slash” world (I’m an editor/writer/mom, for example). Gone are the days in which we spend 40 years in the same job, honing the same craft. In the mobile world we live in, becoming a superconnector can be the best way to not only grow your own career, but also give back to society at large.

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Young Entrepreneur Council Launches Startup Insurance

Startup Insurance, Health Insurance, YEC, Scott GerberWith the Affordable Care Act set to take effect in January 2014, many entrepreneurs and business owners still have serious concerns and fears about potential increases to premiums, state exchanges and compliance-related issues. To help them navigate the health insurance landscape, YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council), an invite-only organization of elite entrepreneurs, has launched StartupInsurance, a health insurance destination created by business owners for business owners with a carefully curated collective of providers and affordable insurance plans from across the nation.
StartupInsurance provides startups, business owners, and job-unlocked individuals–people who are likely to transition into self-employment as a result of being able to purchase health insurance options outside of traditional employers–with direct access to affordable, quality health insurance options, while removing confusion and time inefficiencies from the purchasing process. StartupInsurance connects the self-employed, their families and their employees to major medical health insurance options that will be fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act by 2014, ensuring that those insured individuals who purchase qualifying plans avoid tax penalties.
“As our nation becomes more entrepreneurial, and more Americans launch startups, start small businesses, and join the booming gig economy, YEC wants to be there to support business owners and newly job-unlocked individuals by providing them with access to quality, affordable health care insurance options throughout the United States,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Young Entrepreneur Council.
Through its direct carrier partnerships, StartupInsurance customers will benefit from access to one of the largest major medical footprints in the United States. Insurance options will be available in nearly every state across the nation via (Specifics about our carrier partners and available health insurance options are available upon request)
“In speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners over the years, we have learned what is important to them, what’s working for them–and most importantly, what isn’t,” said Scott Gerber, founder of YEC. “This direct feedback has guided our thinking in creating StartupInsurance–a destination created by the very people it’s serving.”
In the coming weeks, StartupInsurance’s health insurance options will also be made available to the business customers and members of various organizations and corporations, including FedEx, Grasshopper, Wave Apps, LegalZoom, Moo, Startup Weekend, Dwolla, Crowdspring, 99designs and others.
“As a leader in the small business space, Wave understands how important it is for business owners to find affordable healthcare for themselves and their employees,” said Kirk Simpson, co-founder and CEO of Wave. “We are excited to provide our customers with bestc of breed insurance products through YEC’s StartupInsurance and SmallBusinessInsurance. As we enter uncertain times with the changing healthcare landscape, these insurance products will bring certainty and predictability for our customers.”
In addition to StartupInsurance, YEC is also launching FreelancerHealthcare ( and SmallBusinessInsurance ( to assist freelancers and small business owners, respectively. StartupInsurance is the first of several business products and back office services that YEC’s new services division will bring to market to help power business owners and America’s thriving gig economy.
Self-employed individuals and business owners interested in StartupInsurance can get quick quotes and apply online at or call (888) 707-1484. Organizations interested in connecting their customers and members with StartupInsurance options can contact for more information. StartupInsurance videos, embed codes and collateral at
The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses via live video chats, an expert content library and email lessons.
Find out more about Startup Insurance and the YEC When Scott Gerber speaks at this national startup conference Sep 29-Oct 1st in Cincinnati.

YEC Founder Scott Gerber To Keynote Everywhere Else Cincinnati On October 1st

Scott Gerber, YEC, Everywhere Else Cincinnati, Startup NewsOver the past few months, we’ve been part of an amazing partnership with the Young Entrepreneur Council. The YEC provides some great content, including many of our startup tip stories. The best part is that many of their members are founders of startups we’ve covered here at Nibletz.

Founders like Danny Boice (speek), Neil Thanedar (LabDoor), Derek Flanzraich (Greatist), and many more are members of the invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs.

Now, we’re proud to announce Scott Gerber, the founder of that organization, will be one of our lead keynotes on Tuesday October 1st during Everywhere Else Cincinnati. Scott is a huge advocate for young entrepreneurs and ending youth unemployment through entrepreneurship.

In addition to founding the YEC, he is the author of the book Never Get a “Real” Job. He is also a serial entrepreneur, internationally syndicated columnist, and the host of Founders Forum on Scott has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Fortune, TIME, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Reuters, Mashable, BBC, NPR, Forbes, The Daily Beast, CBS News, US News & World Report, Fox News, Inc, and Entrepreneur. He has been honored by NASDAQ and the White House.

As entrepreneurs get younger and younger, it’s a real privilege to have Scott participate in the conference.

Scott joins this already amazing list of speakers:

  • James Dickerson (former LightBank Associate)
  • Rob Woodbridge (founder,Canadian mobile expert)
  • Blair Garrou, Managing Director Mercury Fund
  • Joe Medved, Partner SoftBank Capital
  • Naithan Jones, Founder AgLocal
  • Derek Flanzraich, Founder Greatist
  • Andrew Warner, Founder Mixergy
  • Andy Sparks, Co-Founder MatterMark
  • Wil Schroter, Founder Fundable
  • Jake Stutzman, Founder
  • Jonathon Perrelli, Managing Director, Fortify Ventures
  • Justin Gutwein, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur
  • Mark Hasebroock, Founder Dundee Venture Capital
  • Jason Healy, Founder Blu
  • John Bracken, Founder Evite and Speek
  • Dave Knox, CMO Rockfish, co-founder Brandery
  • Patrick Woods, Managing Director a>m ventures
  • Sarah Ware, Founder Markerly
  • John T. Meyer, Founder
  • Raghu Betina, Managing Partner The Starter League
  • Ryan O’Connell, VP Influence & Co
  • Blake Miller, Managing Director Think Big Accelerator
  • Michael Bergman, Founder Repp

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