Startup Quick Byte:


Today on Startup Quick Byte we take a look at a Startup out of Chile called What this company does is make it so you’ll be able to after installing their plugin Highlight words and phrases on websites. You can then share that page with the words Highlighted easily so others can see what you are talking about specifically.

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Startup Quick Byte: Share Magnet

For Startup Quick Byte we’ll take a look at Share Magnet, a company based out of Los Angeles, Ca. Share Magnet system enables users who register on the site to get paid for personally recommending relevant items to their friends, family and social connections. The revenue source comes from companies that wish to reward individuals who recommend their products, services, online links, and entertainment such as games, music, films, etc. In other words, you’ll be our advertising and we’ll pay you for sending links out to your friends.

Our mission is to bring consumers together through common interests, and reward them for sharing the things they like.


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Fast Follow The Game Zynga Likes To Play?

The buzz of Zynga and their business model of social gaming online has undoubtedly had a major impact on bringing a fun new way to socially interact with our friends online. There are several other social game companies out there that have help build social gaming into what it is today. Mark Pincus, chief executive of social gaming company Zynga has recently been interviewed by Venture Beats and has turned up some interesting insight on how the follow fast game works in the social gaming industry. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are several games made by different companies that look almost the same and some could argue that they are the same and that one of the companies copied another company’s games. While this would seem true to many, there is more to the story as Mark Pincus explains in an interview Venture Beats today. Some companies Playdom, NimbleBit and Buffalo Studios have all come forward claiming that Zynga has played the follow fast game with their games and the it doesn’t seem that the follow fast game is going to lose steam anytime soon. To understand the point of view of Zynga, you’ll want to read the memo from Mark Pincus to his fellow team mates.


Via Venture Beats & Business Insider