India Startup: MyPurpleMartini Is India’s First Nightlife Focused Social Network

While Saarthank Gupta was studying in the UK he found it very easy to go out and have a good time. Every good club, restaurant and bar had a website and there were a few good portals in the UK to tell you what was hot any given night of the week. When he returned to India, that wasn’t the case.

India does have it’s fair share of good night life including clubs, bars, restaurants and social clubs, the problem is Indian business owners were stuck in their ways. Most of the advertising for Indian nightlife was by word of mouth. Word of mouth is good and free but to really drive patrons to your business you need more than that, especially nightlife.

When Gupta first started MyPurpleMartini it was more of an information site with limited interaction. Since September 2011 they’ve pivoted and become much more social.

“I have always been an avid party goer. While I was in the U.K it was very convenient for us to go out partying to a place we liked going to, as everything there was online. It just took a couple of minutes and we knew where we were heading on a particular night. When I came to India, I saw a big gap when it came to information regarding nightlife/ events/ parties. In India, at that point, it was all about word of mouth publicity. To see the response in the Indian Market, we initially started an information based website but with the phenomenal success in its initial phase and seeing the potential for the social media, hospitality and lifestyle space in India, we re-launched MyPurpleMartini as India’s First Social Networking Nightlife & Lifestyle portal in September 2011. The response has been amazing so far and I hope it continues this way,” Gupta told Indian website

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One look at the website and you can’t tell the difference between the Indian night life websites and some of the more functional nightlife websites in other areas of Europe, the UK and the US.

Gupta started MyPurpleMartini by himself and has since grown to a workforce of 30 likeminded professionals. He hopes to have a staff of 60 in place by December of 2012.

MyPurpleMartini stretches out of the traditional model of online nightlife social websites. They have ad revenue that drives the website however MPM (MyPurpleMartini) also has an event promotion arm, brand activations, event management, artist and celebrity management, bookings, ticket sales and the MPM card which is a rewards card for the MPM user community.

Gupta expects the MPM loyalty program to stretch to 2000 locations across India and make it the largest loyalty program in the country. On the promotional front MPM has relationships with over 5000 venues.


Learn more about MyPurpleMartini here

Source: Yourstory.In

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