Philly’s Novotorium And Seed Philly Announce Entrepreneur Summercamp

Philly’s startup scene is becoming hotter and hotter everyday. With incubators and accelerators like DreamIt Ventures, Novotorium and Seed Philly, it seems that nothing is holding back the city of brotherly love.

We reported on Novotorium back in April when they were bringing their second startup, Inhabi under their umbrella.

Now, both Novotorium and Seed Philly are teaming up to make it a summer to remember for startups in the Philly area. The two incubators are partnering to kick off the summer with an event called “The Infonautics Team and a Generation of Startups”. This event is getting a lot of play in the philly startup listserv and it looks like the whole city is behind it.

According to Mike Krupit of Novotorium, “The Infonautics Team and a Generation of Startups” will show how a dynamic entrepreneurial culture at one startup helped generate a stream of successful startups, ventures and careers.

“We’ve seen tremendous collaboration, innovation and camaraderie through the years by the people who were part of Infonautics,” Krupit said. “We are now experiencing a resurgence of the entrepreneurial community in Philadelphia, so the timing is excellent to help a new wave of entrepreneurs learn from pioneers and see how and how much we have already achieved in our region, and the possibilities for the future.”

Seed Philly founder; Brad Denenberg added: “There are so many great things happening in the entrepreneurial community throughout the Philadelphia region that we don’t always take time to look back, understand how we got here, and appreciate it,” Denenberg said. “By collaborating, Novotorium, Seed Philly and numerous successful entrepreneurs are aiming to bring focus to the power of entrepreneurship in Philadelphia and help build the overall community.”

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“The Infonautics Team and a Generation of Startups” event will kick off a six week summer of signature events under the banner “Entrepreneur Summercamp”.

Here’s a summary of the events planned for Entrepreneur Summercamp:

Week 1, June 11-15: Features “The Infonautics Team and a Generation of Startups,” which will be held 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, June 12, at the Quorum at the University Science Center. The event will feature brief presentations and a panel discussion of the Infonautics legacy. Panelists will include: Founder Marvin Weinberger (Innovation Factory), Co-founder Josh Kopelman (, First Round Capital), Product Lucinda Duncalfe (Destiny, Click Equations, Real Food Works), Technology Mike Krupit (CDNOW, Novotorium), Finance Ron Berg (, Radpharm), Product Edwin Watkeys (, Transmogrify, ActionX), Marketing Rick Mosenkis (VerticalNet, WorkZone), Technology Ram Mohan (Afilias), Technology Andrea Michalek (1800CTO, Topular, Plum Analytics), Technology Rich Gallagher (DoctorQuality, Yell Group), HR Alan Preston (, Preston Leadership).
Those who sign up for the whole week will spend the afternoon of June 12 working with some of the Infonauts, Novotorium and Seed Philly staff and partner mentors. They will also have use of the facilities at Novotorium or Seed Philly all week long.

Week 2, June 18-22: 50 Shades of Customers – BDSM for the Entrepreneur (Business Development, Sales & Marketing, of course!) will be held 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 19, in Philadelphia. Entrepreneurs will explore sales and marketing with subject matter experts. Participants will choose topics of interest and spend 30 minutes in each session before moving on to another topic.

Week 3, June 15-29: “Not a Hackathon,” taking off from the popular hackathon approach where people get together to build tech products, will be held for 36 hours straight – from 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 27 through 8:00 p.m., Thursday, June 28. It will unite entrepreneurs who have a business with tech developers, designers, and other business development professionals to move their product or business forward. Because teams will work together for 36 straight hours, participants may choose to sleep or nap if need be without leaving the event facility. Food and showers will be available.

Week 4: July 9-13, A Day with Philadelphia City Government
Week 5: July 16-20: Practicing Mind and Practicing Business: Listen, Lunch and Learn from the Authors
Week 6: July 23-27: Horror Stories in Entrepreneurship – with Something to Laugh About


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