Pennsylvania Startup: Dollar Rubber Club, What Do You Think They Do? Interview

You may be surprised to find out that grown men still get school girl giddy about buying condoms at the local drugstore. I’m in my thirties and still see the discomfort that some of my friends my age have going into WahlGreens and buying condoms. The experience is compounded when you have to ask the pharmacist or store worker where the condoms are located.

There’s a chance that you could bump into your ex-girlfriend, your girlfriends mom, someone you went to school with or someone that knows your parents. Even in you late 20′s and 30′s this can be a source of embarrassment or at the least, a slightly uncomfortable situation.

Picture this scenario, you go into your local CVS thinking that tonight may be the night you have sex with your new girlfriend for the first time, and then when you’re coming down the condom aisle, purchase in hand, your new girlfriend shows up to pick up a prescription. These things happen all the time.

That’s why Dan Elwell and Anthony Eagleton, the co-founders of “Dollar Rubber Club” have gone head first into the condom by mail business.

Dollar Rubber Clubs condoms are priced competitively, come in discreet packaging and are even sent with a little silk bag that you could keep in your sock drawer.

In the interview below the break Elwell explains why the condom business, and how they stockpile condoms and turn orders around same time to keep the customers satisfied.

What is Dollar Rubber Club?

Dollar Rubber Club is a members-only club that offers a better (and more affordable) way to buy condoms.  DRC members can save money and avoid the embarassing trips to the drug store by signing up for a monthly delivery of the condom of choice.  We offer monthly packages as low as $1 a month +$2 s/h  for 3 condoms, a six-pack for $5 and free shipping, 12 pack for $9 + free shipping, and a variety 12-pack for $10 + free shipping.  We offer name brand, high-quality, popular styles from Trojan and Lifestyles.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

Dan Elwell and Anthony Eagleton are the co-founders of Dollar Rubber Club and  have successful backrounds in consumer goods & sports marketing, sales & business development and launching succesful start-ups in the tech sector.

What is the problem that Dollar Rubber Club Solves?

Dollar Rubber Club saves our customers money and a guilty-shameful-embarassing trip the store by avoiding a potential run-in with your girl friends mom.

What is your secret sauce?

We are trying to make the condom buying/using experience a source of pride!  Our condoms are delivered to your door discreetly, every month.  Once you tear open the non-descript brown envelop, your condoms are packaged in a very sleek and macho black silk bag.  Perfect for your sock-drawer.  Your partner will be impressed when the time is right!

What’s one challenge you’ve overcome in the startup process?

Logistics.  We’re making purchasing condoms easy and affordable.  We purchased a  crap-ton of inventory to keep costs down.  We ship orders on the same-day they are placed, and every month thereafter.
What’s next for Dollar Rubber Club?
Stay tuned for a bigger marketing push!  Think video, print, college campus, etc etc.
Go head order some condoms now and find out more here
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