German Startup: Says They’re The Easiest Way To Give Feedback INTERVIEW

Giving feedback should be easy. When you take into consideration that most businesses that want your feedback have already somehow earned your money, than you want the easiest most simplest way to get that feedback. Even when you get $10 off your next meal or a buy one get one free, many of those surveys at the bottom of receipts are never answered.

Once you’ve been on the phone with a customer service department for 30 minutes the last thing you want to do is take some kind of survey. That may seem easy enough to you, but it’s not.

That’s why German startup has come up with what they call is, the “easiest way to leave feedback”. promises that within 30 seconds you’ll be able to leave feedback for any service organization, and reach the pertinent people. That’s a pretty lofty goal, with the two hardest parts being building scale and engagement.

We got a chance to talk to about their new startup. Check out the interview below:

What is honestly?

Honestly is the easiest way to give feedback. In under 30 seconds you reach directly and anonymously the management team of any service-oriented company. On the other side Honestly offers companies a complete feedback solution including analytics, after-sales contact, vouchering and dynamical adaptation of their profile.

Who are the founders and what are there backgrounds?

Sven Bläse – Computer Scientist(Georgia Tec) – Developer of MoVue(First Augmented Reality App) – Worked for Intel & IBM – Denied Google Offer for Honestly – Fullbright Alumni

Mateo Freudenthal – Industrial Engineer ( KIT & UMinho) – First Company with 17 Bolivian Fingerpuppets – Founder of – Analyst at VC Engage – Head of Finance Gigalocal

Pascal Klein – Industrial Engineer (KIT)/Medicine Dropout – Fastest Degree of History at KIT – Developer of several mobile and web projects – Founder of

Sebastian Wenzel – Computer Scientist (KIT) – Developer for Lufthansa – Founder of – Consultant at delta

Where are you based?

German Internet Capital Karlsruhe, Germany.

Geek facts: First German E-Mail send from Karlsruhe 84 / All Chinese Domains were hosted in Karlsruhe until 2004 / Host of german success stories like Gameforge, or Flaregames

What problem does Honestly solve?

Nowadays most of the information regarding customer experience is lost,  Honestly through it’s easy to implement and frictionless approach will gather this information and aggregate it to ready-to-use data.

What is your secret sauce?

To always work towards our vision. That’s maybe the single most important thing that gives our team unity, strength and passion.

What is one dilemma you’ve faced in the startup process?

Keeping focused. Every day you get easily distracted by business opportunities that may help you to quick cash but will not help you to scale, and that is what start up is all about.

What’s next for Honestly?

We bootstrapped till now, next move is raising money and boosting sales.


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