Interview with London Startup,London startup,startup,startups,startup interview, youtube,slideshareThere is a new startup in London called The concept is actually pretty interesting. Imagine if you took YouTube and SlideShare and mashed them together. Now imagine if you could make that mashup into one presentation and top it off by narrating it yourself into your webcam. Thats the premise behind

Now you can share highlights of your life in an entire presentation that’s quick and easy to produce. You can share it with your friends, your family and loved ones through various channels. Once you share it they will be directed to the presentation you made using could actually be very useful to other startups as well. You could practice your pitch for your teammates and friends who are working in remote locations. Heck, if you did a good enough job you could send your preliminary pitch over to investors for review.

Sounds great huh?

Well we got a chance to talk with the team at, check out the interview below:

What is

It’s your slides, and a video of you presenting them, side by side, on the screen at the same time. On demand, it’s available for anyone to view whenever it suits them.

It’s cloud-based so there’s no need to install anything, it all happens in your browser. You upload your content (slides, photos, document) and record yourself presenting into your webcam, clicking through your slides as you go. When you’ve finished, click publish and you can share with anyone, anywhere. They can then watch your presentme whenever and as often as they like.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

The founders of have between them over 100 years of communication experience working with individuals and corporates, (previous clients include Microsoft, KPMG, Barclays, L’Oreal and T-Mobile) to improve the way they communicate information and knowledge, while also inspiring those they are speaking to. The four founders are Charlie Simpson and Richard Garnett, two of the world best communication skills coaches with a blue chip international client base (, technology specialist and’s CTO Mike Marshfield (founder of Breakfast of Champions) and presentation design expert and CEO of, Spencer Lambert (founder of Slideclinic).

Where are you based?

Shepherd’s Bush in London

What’s the startup culture/scene like in your area?

Nothing like as big as it is at the Silicon Roundabout over in East London! But it suits us perfectly for the moment.

What is the problem that solves?

People talk about ‘sending a presentation’, and then just send the slides. But the slides are only half the story. We need to see and hear the presenter as well, and at the same time. is the next best thing to being in a room with the people you want to communicate with.

What’s your secret sauce?

A love of and a belief in what we do and why. And a realisation that we are providing something useful to the world!

Who is your target user?

Anyone and everyone who needs to share content. leaders, advisors, sales teams, teachers, people applying for jobs… Anyone who needs to really connect with an audience of 1 or 1000 and who can’t be with that audience at the same time; or anyone who needs to communicate the same content to multiple audiences; or anyone who wants to communicate something that is often misunderstood if only communicated in writing.

What is one startup dilemma you have or you have had?

See above! A huge potential audience, and a startup sales and marketing budget.

What’s next for

Our Team version, which will act as a portal for companies, organisations, schools and universities to send each other presentme’s within their own private domain. This is due to be released at the end of the summer.


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