Big Data Conference Coming To Philadelphia At Temple University

Big Data is a big deal this year. We were the national media sponsor for the recent StampedeCon Big Data conference in St.Louis and both coasts have been bustling with events, conferences, and conventions dedicated to big data. We also saw some great big data usage cases in Chattanooga operating on 1gb ethernet.

The Big Data phenomena has made it’s way to Philadelphia and Temple University.

Next month on September 27th, The Fox Business School at Temple University is hosting a big data conference called “The Business Value of Big Data, potential,reality and success stories.

Adrian Gardner the Director of Information Technology and Communications Directorate and Chief Information Officer at NASA’s Goddard Flight Center, is keynoting the event. Gardner has spent over 20 years in government and is an Air Force Veteran. He was the recipient of an Air Force Achievement Medal in 1987.

Walmart’s President of Enterprise Information Management, Suja Chandrasekaran is the other keynote speaker of the one day event.

Speakers from Merck, Campbell Soup, Chartis, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, and WaWa are also presenting at the conference.

This big data conference will demonstrate major corporations and government usage of big data. Whether you’re a startup founder in the big data space or in the business of big data you don’t want to miss this exceptional event. There are some spaces for attendees still available but space is limited to 125.


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