Interview With Australian Startup: CheckinLine

CheckinLine is a new Australian startup that gives insight into data from checkins for engagement, promotion and insight. It works by virtually camping out for registered fans and gives access to promotions and engagements to those who deserve it most by way of a daily check-in.

The startup based in Melbourne claims that in their own case studies with their platform the average engagement level in 2011 was 69% which is well beyond the average engagement on any other platform. CheckinLine gives a more accurate picture to their clients because one check in equals one opinion. Their end research is more intimate than most, they liken it to having a one on one conversation with a companies most active customers.

CheckinLine seems to be a lot like SCVNGR where the user completes a task upon check-in rather than a blank check in without engagement. An engaged check-in is much more effective than a non-engaged check-in.

The company describes their camping out philosophy like this: “I’ll hold your place for you, but I need you to come back regularly to let me know you’re still interested. If not, I’ll reward more committed users”.

We got a chance to interview CheckinLine below:

What is CheckinLine?

CheckinLine is a research and data platform that engages and enriches databases.

It works by virtually camping out for registered fans and then gives access to those who deserve it most, by way of a daily check-in. This check-in equals time with passionate fans so brands can tap into their thoughts, preferences and opinions.

CheckinLine turns engagement, promotion and reach into insight and plans to map the world’s perception of value (to begin with).

CheckinLine Social is an evolution in Facebook competition marketing and CheckinLine Custom enables brand engagement across multiple platforms.
Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds

Might be easier to just direct to our profiles on the site which also links to our LinkedIN profiles…


One thing of note is that we are brothers, obviously. We shared a room for 16 years and didn’t kill each other, which is always good.
Where are you based?

Melbourne, or more specifically Brunswick.
What is the startup culture like where you are based?

On the increase. Regular events like Silicon Beach Drinks and start-up hubs like York Butter Factory have really helped advance the scene in Melbourne. It’s a lot easier to build a network of like-minded start-up founders than it was 5 years ago.
What problem does your startup solve?

It provides fair, transparent access to things in high demand. The result is a unique form of data collection, from a captive audience. Interestingly, we began by solving the first, user-focussed problem before stumbling upon the latter, which is probably why it works so well as a new form of online research and engagement.
What is one challenge that you’ve overcome in the startup process?

We are a new concept, which means a much more challenging process to get this to market. Companies (and especially the large companies we have been targeting) are reluctant to try new things, so they need far more convincing. Hence the fact we have boot-strapped our proof of concept and development phases.

Who are your mentors and role models?

We have an advisor on our board, Alan Long, who has been guiding us for a few years. Alan brings a wealth of experience and networks from the Digital Marketing world.
Whats one thing the world doesn’t know about you or your startup?

The amount of times we have had to pivot our business model and simplify our message over the years. This experience has been vital though.
What’s next for your startup?

We have just launched FB app and have a competition running on our facebook page. The positive response we are receiving from the media industry regarding the value our app can bring to a brand’s FB presence augers well for our plans to create a solid cash flow base in Australia. We are already planning our US expansion, where we will be focussing on our first love, Sport. We expect to begin implementing our US plans later this year.


Check out CheckinLine here

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