New Hampshire Startups Look To 2032 At Disruptivate Oct 9th

New Hampshire startups and innovators are looking forward to the second Disruptivate event scheduled for October 9th at Wentworth By The Sea in New Castle.

Mark Galvin, the Managing Director at the New Hampshire Innovation Commercialization Center was ecstatic with the turnout at the first Disruptivate event held in April. According to Galvin was hoping for 100 attendees. Over 250 folks came to they event with most staying into the night, and the after party.

“We were hoping we could break 100 participants,” Galvin told seacoastonline.. “We were pleasantly surprised that 250 people showed up and we sold out. Many people stayed from registration in the morning through the after-event party until 8:30 that night. A lot of people were really jazzed up. ”

The first event was broad in scope, highlighting technology innovation across a variety of sectors. For the October 9th event Galvin and the team are highlighting the healthcare and education sectors. Afternoon panels at the event will take a look at what healthcare and education may look like in 2032.

“We are looking to highlight 12 disrupters who have a company, an idea or even a piece of legislation that can actually change and move the innovation agenda in New Hampshire for health care and education,” Galvin said. “The woods are filled with disrupters and serial entrepreneurs. We need more people to help move the needle on disruption to benefit the state, the country and the world.”

Jeff Carlisle, the founder of an EMR startup and author of the book “We Love Innovation, so Long as It’s Nothing New”, was named a top Disruptivator of 2012 at the April conference. He will be on one of the healthcare panels at the October Disruptivate conference.

If you’re in the North East it looks like this is going to be a great event. Hit the link below to register.


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Source: seacoastonline

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