Acceleprise “The 500 Startups For Enterprise” Unveils First Class Of 2013

Acceleprise, Entreprise accelerator, startups,startup,startup newsLess than a year ago DC based entrepreneurs, Sean Glass, Allen Gannett and Collin Gutman and others teamed up to form an accelerator in the Washington DC area devoted entirely to enterprise startups. When it was announced in April of 2012 TechCrunch dubbed Acceleprise the “500 Startups for enterprise”.

By July of 2013 they had their first class of six startups in house and began to dig into “enterprise”. Elana Fine the Managing Director at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship told the Washington Post that “enterprise companies also tend to retain customers for longer periods of time, creating a reliable source of revenue for the start-up.”

With the federal government and most of their biggest contractors in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area it’s only fitting that an enterprise focused accelerator planted it’s roots in the area.

This year, after a successful class over the summer, Acceleprise will be hosting three cohorts, the first of which was just announced. The class includes:

Aquicore: a startup that is collecting data from power companies on electricity usage. They plan to then take that data and analyze it to find inefficiencies which will ultimately save consumers and business owners money on their energy bills. is a social media monitoring startup that will analyze social media messages that companies plan to put out to the public. They’ll make sure that the content won’t come back to haunt them. They describe themselves as a company that mitigates enterprise and brand risk within social media by filtering outgoing corporate text engagement before it goes public.

Instant API, apps, apps, apps everyone wants to have an app. Companies big and small are looking to use apps to reach their customer base and to manage their internal business. This startup is creating a platform that makes it easy for companies to build API’s (application programming interfaces). In turn, they will make it easier for companies to create apps built on their own internal data.

LearnShark is a startup that will allow employees to score points for sharing useful content with other employees.

MetaLayer is a company that’s been getting lots of traction. CEO Jon Gosier basically describes the company as making big data easier for companies to manage. This data can be from survey’s, social media and other big data sets that companies need access to and understanding about.

StayNTouch is a hospitality startup that plans to simplify the way hotels handle guest interactions, sales, hotel information, on site social interaction and more. The engagements and interactions are managed by a cloud based platform that is easily accessible to hotel staff via smartphones and tablets.

TalentWire is a campus recruitment tool that will allow companies to identify, target and contact the best prospective talent before other companies.

TrackMaven is a marketing intelligence tool that’s pretty much in stealth mode at the moment.

You can find out more about the Acceleprise accelerator here at their website.

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