10 Disruptive Entrepreneurs of 2013 (Infographic)

We’re all suckers for the “disruptive entrepreneur” story. We love to hear about the hard-headed CEO that upended entire industries and changed the way we do business. And, secretly, many of us hope to be that founder some day.

But, what exactly makes a founder disruptive? The guys at ComputerScienceDegreesHub.com used the Gartner Magic Quadrant to rate several companies that broke out in 2013. For a full run down of what they found, click through to the original infographic.

For our purposes, what we loved about this infographic is that of the 10 companies featured, 5 were not based in Silicon Valley and a 6th had offices in New York as well as the Valley.

Rent the Runway is a New York-based startup that rents designer dresses at a fraction of the cost of purchase. The company is useful for weddings and other big events, but the big opportunity could be the magical night every high school dreams of: prom. No more off-the-rack department store dresses for the fashionable 16-year-old.

99 Dresses is also a fashion startup, this one based in Sydney. They aim to help shopaholics purge their closets, but still get their shopping fix by perusing other users’ trades.

Ninja Blocks, also based in Sydney, is getting in front of the “Internet of things.” The product makes it easy to connect all those connected devices, without special installation or coding knowledge.

DuckDuckGo got quite a bit of press when the Edward Snowden/PRISM story broke. The Philadelphia startup boasts a search engine that really does protect your privacy. Now that is disruptive!

Thumb is a social voting app based in New York City. It has an interesting B2B component that could help brands execute quick customer discovery.

Now, granted, the sample is fairly random, and there are lots of disruptive Silicon Valley startups. Still, it’s encouraging for entrepreneurs to remember that great, disruptive startups are being built outside the Valley every day.

Check out the infographic below for more information on the 10 disruptive founders from 2013.

 Disruptive Entrepreneurs
Image compliments of Computer Science Degree Hub


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