Why the Series A is Both Bigger and Smaller Than Ever


Series A Crunch

From Nikhil Basu Trivedi, Medium

A couple months ago, I was chatting with a first-time entrepreneur who had recently raised a couple million dollar seed round after graduating from a well-known startup accelerator. He told me of his fundraising plan:


I’m guessing I’ll raise a $15-20M Series A in about a year… by that point, we’ll have shown product/market fit so we’ll be ready to step on the gas.

5 years ago, that wouldn’t have been “the plan.”

Series A rounds used to be different. The prevailing view back then was that the Series A, defined for our purposes as the first round of institutional venture funding for a technology startup, was typically a $2-6M round after which investors would own 10-30% of the company.




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