According to New Data, Women Make Up The Highest Number of “Mobile Addicts”

Flurry, a mobile metrics and advertising network, has released some very interesting data about the mobile landscape.

The rapid adoption of smartphones has correlated to a lot of predictions about human behavior, but Flurry has been able to tell a story based on data about what is really going on worldwide.

Flurry noticed that  “mobile addicts” have increased and, the segment growing the fasts is very interesting. A “mobile addict” is classified as a smartphone user that checks apps 60 times or more a day, a group that has grown by 123% from 2012 from 79 million to 176 million.


Simon Khalaf, CEO of Flurry, during his keynote at Source14 stated this makes the smartphone a ‘wearable’ in regards to the phone being with us all the time like a wallet or watch.

The interesting thing is that Flurry also realized that females make up more of the mobile addicts” than males. Female and male users aged 18-24 and 35-54 have the highest concentration of “mobile addicts”.

There are plenty of more interesting statistics offered in the slides available here:

TL;DR: Things that I personally found interesting from the presentation.

  • Between 2012-2013 there has been a 316% growth in messaging apps. It’s creating overnight Telco companies without the cost.

  • Mobile commerce grew 60% in the US from $20.5mil in 2012 to $33mil in 2013.

  • Mobile travel and logistics revenue grew at 168% from 2011 to 2013.

  • Mobile has absorbed all users in social platforms. Example is 98% for Instagram.

  • Paid audio streaming hit $1 billion in revenue. Mobile has disrupted it’s own industry. Instead of downloading music to put on our phones like the past, we are now paying to stream it.

  • The web is definitely alive, but apps have taken control. The browser inside Facebook app is the most used browser.

  • China has 330mil unique active devices each month. The United States has 285mil. The US is losing its lead in software development. It is now 34% in the US and 66% for the rest of the world. Last year 0% of the time spent in apps made by China in the UK, now it is 16%.

  • Mobile has become addictive. People that launch apps more than 60 times a day are:

    • 8% more female

    • 18-24 and 35-54 (age) are the highest groups of addicts

    • Sports fans, gamers, parenting & education , and moms are the typical female “mobile addicts”.

  • Mobile gaming is only 14% of the total gaming market. Console is still king at 47%.

There are plenty of more interesting statistics offered in the slides available here:



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