Google, Apple and Microsoft all going head-to-head with health data platforms


The race is on with Google planning this week to launch a new health service called Google Fit as a direct challenge to Apple’s HealthKit which was announced last week. Microsoft is reportedly launching a health Smartwatch as an addition to its Health Vault platform; we finally get a glimpse of the new Samsung line of tablets, which are apparently very thin and light but more robust than previous tablets, but with Samsung’s fabulous digital display: Amazon is expected to launch a smartphone which will close the gap between the impulse to buy and the completed act. They have pretty much everything else in place, providing an end to end service that Walmart, eBay, Apple and Google cannot match; the LAPD apparently think that hockey games are as subversive as hostage situations, barricades, and suspect searches. We also provide some tips on words and phrases to use and those never to use. We also have our extremely popular email segment and an excellent interview with indie film producer and serial entrepreneur, now EVP of Fragmob, Michel Bayan.


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