Do You Have What It Takes To Break All Rules And Become A True Entrepreneur


We are in an era of disruption and every day there are new industries where technology and outside the box thinking are game changers. We have been inundated with so called rules about how we should do business. The problem is that most of them are not rules at all, they are simply anchors around our neck, they hold us back and deny us access to success. We discuss a number of companies that have broken the rules, disrupted industries and become enormous successes; We also discuss WPP’s $100 million confidence in Twitter; did you know that the ads in the World Cup are over four times more popular than those of the Super Bowl in terms of time spent? We also discuss the areas of your business that could cause you grief, external threats, internal threats and management threats; great software that helps you monitor how your staff uses their time. We also have our extremely popular email segment and an excellent interview with Simon Jordan who went from a 20s death wish, to setting up his Marketing company and establishing his own highly acclaimed online TV channel sharing marketing tips to a global audience


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