Xoogler Gets Acquihired By Google

Funf an open sensing framework created by a Xoogler founded startup called Behavio, won the accelerator competition at SXSW 2012. The platform, launched in October 2011, uses mobile phones as sensors for tracking location, movement, app activity and extended network of it’s users and communities. The company won a $355,000 grant from the Kauffman Foundation

Xoogler Spotlight: Splenvid Zero Button Movie Creation [SXSW]

Two former Googlers (xooglers) who once worked on the UX team at the internet giant have put together something new and exciting called Splenvid.  They spent over a decade at Google building maxable scalable systems so they are taking what they learned there and putting it into their new startup. Splenvid is the self proclaimed

Xoogler Spotlight Interview With Boston Startup Price Intelligently

Although it may not seem like it, pricing products and services is one of the hardest things that a business owner has to do. They of course need to make money and make a profit but at the same time, it’s a scary thought to most that a bad price could leave product sitting on

Xoogler Spotlight NYC Startup: Flatiron Health

In 2010 Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg sold their startup Invite Media to Google for $81 million dollars. At that time they were absorbed into Google where they spent the last two years. Now the co-founding team is back at it again, and navigating through unchartered territory. Their new startup is New York City based

Xoogler Spotlight: MyGola Locals Puts A New Spin In Travel Apps For Android

If you’re not familiar with the term Xoogler it’s a relatively new term that ex-Google employees have come up for themselves, as in Ex-Googler. In 2012 Mashable featured 15 start ups that were founded by Xooglers. Many of the start ups were re-hashments of 20% projects.

Yahoo’s First Mayer Acquisition, New York Startup Stamped

Last April we brought you the profile of New York startup Stamped. Stamped, which is made up of a team of 11 with five being Xooglers, created a recommendation platform that allowed users to put their “stamp of approval” on their favorite places and things. Stamped offers a unique value proposition by having a quick,