EP 28: Angel Investor Ivan Raiklin Talks Sharing Economy

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In this episode I have a great conversation with former green beret now angel investor Ivan Raiklin about why he started investing in sharing economy startups. We talk about their potential impact on the economy, different ways to gain traction, and he shares insights into how to rapidly expand your knowledge as a startup founder.

The Secret Rules of Startups

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Serious Startups : Unwritten Rules of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are notoriously famous for breaking the rules. But, with startup culture going mainstream, there are a lot of unwritten “rules.” For example, “Thou shalt always be ‘killing it.'”

Check out the video above as the Serious Startups team educates Kane Harrison on all the ways he’s rebelling against startup norms.

Passion vs Logic & Mentor vs Advisor

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Serious Startups : Passion vs. Logic and Mentor vs. Advisor

What is ultimately behind a business, passion or logic? And, when does a mentor become an advisor?

John, Kane, and I talk about these issues in the latest episode of Serious Startups. What do you think about the whole passion vs logic and mentor vs advisor thing?

Angel Capital Group’s Eric Dobson On Why Entrepreneurs Do What We Do

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We covered so much ground with Eric Dobson that we had to break it into two episodes. Listen to Part 1 first and then jump into this one.

Here’s a quick rundown of the topics we cover in the interview:

Specifically regarding working with investors, Eric tells us:

  • what to expect as a realistic time line to getting funded from pitch to check,
  • how important it is for founders to have skin in the game, and
  • whether or not to ask for money capital than you need.

Serious Startups Acquires Nibletz Media

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You know that feeling you get when you have a secret. And you’re DYING to tell everyone, but you.just.can’t.yet.

Well, welcome to the last 6 weeks of my life.

After a year of building Nibletz Media with my awesome cofounder Nick Tippmann, I’m thrilled to (finally!) announce that the company has been acquired by Nashville-based Serious Startups.

I’m also pumped to say that as part of the acquisition, I will be joining the Serious Startups team as the COO.

You can listen to the podcast for more details on next steps and to hear from Nick on what it’s like building a media company. Here are some things you can expect from the new Serious Startups:

  • A weekly talk show produced in conjunction with Talkapolis. David, John, and I will join our friend Kane Harrison to argue discuss all things entrepreneurial
  • Bi-monthly podcasts with startup experts from around the country
  • Kick ass live events
  • And–best for last–our Serious Founders master mind group. Find out more here. I promise, you don’t want to be left out

20: Caryn Tomer Talks How Startups Can Gain Exposure & Buzz

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Caryn is Techli’s Editor-in-Chief. She is a writer who loves sharing stories of innovation, no matter the location. She has her masters in mass communication from SIUE and has been in corporate marketing for 6+ years, working on campaigns for all kinds of products. When she’s not writing, you can find her hitting the trail as an avid runner and general sports enthusiast.