iPad, A Great Tool For Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, it’s likely you have a lot going on with getting your business up and running. With the mountain load of tasks, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there is a way for you to lessen the stress. You could use your iPad!

Your iPad is the little business manager you take with you everywhere you go. Whenever you meet with a client, you can conveniently take it out, show off your services and products or take notes. If you have a few minutes on public transportation, take it out to get some work done. It’s better than waiting until midnight to email that potential client, right?

iPads are quickly taking the place of a laptop for a reason. They are portable, reliable, and they can do virtually anything you want it to do.

But wait, you don’t understand how to use it with your business, you say? Well, it’s time to make friends with the App Store because it holds just about everything you need for your startup.

The following are some of the best apps that entrepreneurs are using:

  • Evernote

Who needs notebooks anymore? You can use Evernote for anything you want to record. Type in notes from a meeting. If you have an idea in the middle of the night, mumble the idea into your Evernote app, and you can listen to it in the morning. See a flyer, billboard or some other marketing tool idea you’d like to use for your business? Take a picture of it, insert it into an Evernote page, and type in what you like about it and how you would like to change it. Evernote is a great place to figure out your business plan, keep accurate records of expenses and revenue, and just doodle when you need some time to be creative in other ways.

  • Agenda

This is a favorite among entrepreneurs because with all of the online calendars out there today, people need one they can use that is simple. This one will sync with all of your calendars, so you have the notifications you need no matter where you are or what you are doing.

  • Skype

Get in touch with your outsourced workers or clients quickly with Skype. You can call or video chat with them wherever you have an Internet connection.

  •   Dropbox

Share files with anyone you need to by uploading them to Dropbox. You can share folders and files easily. You can even send a link to people, so they can easily bring up the content in a web browser.

  • PDFPen for iPad

If you need a document signed, you can use your iPad. Simply install this app, and you’ll be able to hand over your iPad to have the person sign the document. Save it and either keep it on your iPad, upload it to an online server, or print it out.

Other Ideas to Run Your Business with an iPad

Don’t forget that you have mail with your iPad, so connect all of your addresses to it. You’ll be able to get through those emails in record time when you don’t have to wait until you get to your computer.

Set up your device to print. Most printers these days run on a network, and by downloading the app for your particular printer, you can easily print out anything you would like a paper version of for filing.

Organize your files by creating folders. Create folders by holding down the Home button until the icons wiggle. Put your finger on each icon of the file you want in a folder and place it over another icon. This will place the two files in a folder. To add another one, simply put your finger on the icon and drag it in.

Start Using Your iPad Today

You can do so much with your iPad, so start using it to its full potential. Before you know it, you’ll have so much of your business information on it that you won’t be able to put it down.

Marcelina Hardy  is a content writer for iResQ, which specializes in iPad repair as well as other repairs for mobile devices and MacBook. Hardy is based in Clarksville ,Tennessee.


Los Angeles Startup: Smarter Stand, Works For iPad Mini Too

smarterstand,ipad,iPad mini,iPad accessory,LA Startup,startups,startup newsDotan Saguy, the founder of Los Angeles startup Smarter Stand, has just written in to tell us that his unique device works for iPad Mini as well.

We reported about the Smarter Stand over the summer when it had surpassed 10x it’s funding goal on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. When all was said and done Smarter Stand received over 15x the original amount they had hoped for. The best  part, the Smarter Stand is one of the simplest little iPad accessories ever produced.

Essentially what Saguy has done, is created a clip that holds Apple’s optional smart covers in place at one of the creases. Without the Smarter Stand, the smart covers fold like an accordion of sorts. With the Smarter Stand in place, the material and hard material under the cover remains in place and the smart cover can be converted into a stand with many different angles.

When Saguy had heard about the release of the iPad Mini he couldn’t want to get his hands on one to see if the Smarter Stand would work on the smaller smart covers. He is happy to report that it does.

If you were lucky enough to get a Smarter Stand from the original Kickstarter campaign and have since bought an iPad Mini go ahead and try it out, it works great. If you just purchased an iPad Mini and a smart cover and want the Smarter Stand all you have to do is go to smarterstand.com


Get a Smarter Stand today at smarterstand.com

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Android Prepared Me For The iPad 4th Generation

iPad,Apple,Tech,Android,MobileTuesday was a big day for Apple. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took pride in announcing that it would be a big day for Apple when he took the stage at their standing room only press event in California Tuesday morning. A big day it was.

Apple announced a new 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display and a bunch of great bells and whistles, two new iMacs, two new Mac Mini’s, a new full sized iPad and the new iPad mini.

Many people who went out and purchased a “The New iPad” this past spring felt a little stung by Phil Shiller’s announcement that they were unveiling a new “4th Generation iPad” while on stage Tuesday morning. From the way they choreographed the announcement it could have been the iPad mini that Shiller was touting just about until the very end. However it wasn’t.

Apple has decided to release a new 10″ version of the iPad alongside the new iPad mini. The 4th generation iPad will feature a A6x processor which is rumored to be twice as fast as the previous processor. Like it’s immediate predecessor “The New iPad” this new, new iPad will feature a retina display and it will also incorporate the new “lightning” connector which is becoming standard for Apple devices.

But why re-up the iPad just six months after “The New iPad” release? There were many factors involved in that decision and both journalists and analysts have been hypothesizing about it for the past 36 hours straight.

The reasons that make sense include:

Apple wanted to put the iPad and the iPad mini on the same schedule, just ahead of the holiday rush.

Apple wanted to put the A6x processor into a full sized iPad but it wasn’t ready in the spring.

Apple wanted to hurry up and get the “lightning” connector into the iPad but wanted to wait until it had hit the iPhone 5 first.

Apple wants to speed up it’s iteration/production cycle to thwart off competition.

It could have been anything but it’s Apple and as we’ve seen Apple does thing their own way.  Being an early adopter though, a speed up in the Apple cycle could prove to be costly not only to myself but to many early adopters.

Personally, the verdict on the iPad 4th generation isn’t in just yet for me. I’m not sure if it’s a significant enough upgrade to actually warrant the change from “The New iPad” to this iPad 4th generation other than the fact that it’s the latest model.  If you’ve read this piece here at nibletz.com then you know that I’ve been an Apple computer guy my entire life. I usually sit out a cycle when upgrading Macbooks and iMacs. Typically I take an iMac upgrade, and skip the next, the year I skip the iMac upgrade is the year that I do the Macbook upgrade.

The problem this time around is that it’s technically MacBook upgrade year but the iMac looks so great. Also, I upgraded my MacBook three months ago under Best Buy Black Tie protection. I had decided to get a MacBook Air because of our extremely tough travel schedule but the trackpad went out multiple times for multiple replacements and of course, after the second time the trackpad was rendered useless Best Buy gave me a credit. I then got the newest 2012 13″ MBP.

An upgrade on all fronts could prove to be a very costly endeavor.

I do know this though, after running a high profile Android website for three years and testing or using over 200 Android devices in that time, I was very well prepared for Apple canibalizing “The New iPad”


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Analysts: Apple Sold 18M iPads In Their Their Q4 2012

iPad,Apple,IPad Sales, Ipad sells 18mApple’s Fiscal Q4 ended on September 30th and analysts are anxiously awaiting their 4th quarter results. It was a good year for the Cupertino based company, breaking stock price records repeatedly in their last 12 months.

In the spring of 2012 Apple released their newest iteration of the iPad. It wasn’t called iPad 3 as expected, instead Apple went with calling it “The New iPad”. This put retailers and vendors in a frenzy as the iPhone 5 approached, with companies like Best Buy opting to use signage that said “The New iPhone”. Of course, 10 days before the release of the newest iPhone, Apple confirmed it would be the iPhone 5.

The New iPad, saw a significant upgrade in processor speed, display (retina) and additional wireless speed with the addition of 4G/LTE on multiple carriers. Throughout three cycles of the iPad, Apple has been able to maintain roughly the same price point, as they have with all their previous releases of iPads, iPods and iPhones.

Apple is also expected to announce a 7″ version of their world famous slate as early as a press event next week. Many internet sources are reporting that Apple has ramped up production and ordered 10 million of the as yet unannounced devices.

As for The New iPad (the 10″ version), Analysts are suggesting that Apple has sold around 18.38 million units. Fortune Magazine’s Phillip Elmer-DeWitt polled 61 wall street analysts and independent firms to come up with that figure. If that’s the case, Apple has sold a million more iPads than the previous quarter and 60% more than the same time last year.

While the 10″ “The New iPad” has been around for six months, there’s still no slowing down the tablet machine. With the new increased size in the iPhone 5 many people are curious to see how many 7″ iPads can be sold. The “iPad Mini” is expected to be the “must have” gift this holiday season.


Source (never thought we’d ever do this but) Thedroidguy

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Los Angeles Startup: Smarter Stand Sees 10x Goal On Kickstarter


Dotan Saguy, a Los Angeles entrepreneur figured out that if you add two little clips to either side of an iPad’s Smart Cover or Smart Case you can add several different viewing angles and positions to your iPad which make it more convenient and equally as sturdy.

The magnetic Smart Cover and Smart Case for the iPad currently offer two positions for resting your iPad. One of the positions makes the iPad sit up too straight andouille the other one lays it down too flat. As you an see from the graphic above, Saguy’s Smarter Stand clips allow for several more positions. Most of the positions could be achieved with an additional $40 stand.

Saguy was hoping to raise $10,000 with a Kickstarter campaign. With that money Saguy planned on doing a limited production run for those who were interested in the product. Saguy hit the $10,000 mark on the first day of his campaign and now has 7,120 people interested in the product.

“I can’t thank my Kickstarter supporters enough for their kind words, encouragement, and pledges to make this dream a reality,” says Saguy. “The outpouring of support simply justifies that sometimes the simplest ideas are the most useful, and having forums like Kickstarter is an incredible way to get the word out.”

The Smarter Stand clips can be mixed and matched with 10 different, iPad matching colors available. The clips live on the smart cover or smart case so you always have a stand one stand by.

The Smarter Stand clips will retail for $20 per pair or you can preorder them with a discount by pledging on KickStarter.

Check out the Smarter Stand Kickstarter Page Here

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Contest: There’s A New Kid In Town, The TechSlinger And You Can Win One This Summer

At Chicago TechWeek we got to meet the team from Michigan startup TechSlinger. This is a new wearable accessory designed to easily transport your tablet, your phone, your wallet and other small items. You can even hang your keys from it.

At first glance you may not think it’s for you, but it so is. Especially if you carry multiple gadgets with you and one of them is an iPad or Android tablet. You see, when you go out to a meeting or a networking event, or any event for that matter and you bring your tablet you’re putting a device that costs hundreds of dollars at unnecessary risk.

I’ve witnessed first hand people who’ve had their iPads turned conveniently into coasters. I’ve seen people leave them behind and drop them, shattering the screen, trying to hold a beer or other drink. Oh and of course the countless times I’ve seen beer, soda and other liquids poured onto the iPad.

Granted, you want to take your iPad or tablet with you because you undoubtedly have work to do, or you want to show off the latest app you’ve downloaded or pictures and videos of the kids. Well that’s great except most purses can’t fit iPads, no one wants to bring the bulk of a backpack or briefcase out with them, and holding them is risky.

The TechSlinger looks like an under jacket holster and has one pouch designed to hold an iPad or tablet and then the other side has two compartments. One is a secure compartment for your phone the other is a secure compartment for your wallet, credit cards, money, license, etc. I actually hold a 16,000mah portable battery in my extra pocket insuring that not only are my devices with me but backup power is as well.

The TechSlinger fits under any jacket, blazer or suit coat and keeps your gadgets from interfering with important things, like walking.

At the recent TechCrunch meetup in Atlanta over 40 people asked about the TechSlinger. At the airport, TSA folks were asking about the TechSlinger, and of course on three different trips to three different Apple stores, people asked about the TechSlinger.

Well low and behold we’ve got Techslingers to give away.

Here’s how it works. Starting this week at ComiCon 2012 in San Diego, just tweet

“@nibletztweets & @techslinger I need a #techslinger” and if you’re lucky you’ll be randomly selected to win one. We’ll randomly draw winners in San Diego, Washington DC, Memphis, Cincinnati and other places along our sneaker-strapped nationwide startup road trip, and you’ll win. It’s that easy. Then your friends will ask, “where’d you get that”.


Find out more about the TechSlinger here

Here’s more coverage from Chicago’s TechWeek

Oh and we’re on this cool sneaker strapped, nationwide startup roadtrip

Apple Fixes Issue With App Store That Caused Thousands Of Apps To Crash

Apple is a company that usually doesn’t have very many issues when it comes to iTunes or the App Store–at least as far as malware and large coding errors are concerned. However, this week has been a tough one for Apple, users, and developers alike as one of Apple’s servers had an issue delivering DRM code to the apps updated or downloaded. This faulty coding caused apps to misbehave and crash upon opening in many cases–nearly thousands in the App Store were affected. While this was just for a very brief period of time, a lot of uneasy customers were afraid their iPhone was either being attacked by malware or completely malfunctioning when it came to third-party apps.

The company issued a fix today however, that took care of most of the issues that we know of, and a few we didn’t. First, Apple fixed all of the apps added to the App Store or updated, and then pushed an update to apps that were affected for users to download. They also took care of the developers as well, by reviewing not just 1-star reviews, but all reviews published about an app that was affected. Ensuring that both users and developers have been taken care of, Apple again shows why they have the reputation of some of the best customer service around. If you have an iDevice that was suffering from any of these crashes or issues, be sure to check the App Store and  receive the necessary updates.

Apple To Pay $60 Million Settlement To China’s Proview Technology

While the interwebs are running amuck right now with people chastising Apple and their injunction against Samsung, Apple has just just paid China’s Proview Technology $60 million in a patent suit they lost.

The suit wasn’t actually about technology, but rather the name iPad which Proview had registered in China back in 2001. Prior to the iPad launch Apple had negotiated a deal with Proview to acquire the rights to the name iPad in several other countries for a measly $50,000.

For one reason or another, Apple didn’t get the rights for the name iPad in mainland China and that’s what this particular lawsuit was about.

The Associated Press is reporting that Proview held onto the name in China and had actually sought close to $400 million in damages originally. It’s believed that Proview acted swiftly to get this lawsuit settled because they are having other financial difficulties that the $60 million dollar cash infusion may not even solve.

According to AP Apple has already transferred the $60 million dollars to the court in China for disbursement.

China is Apple’s second largest market. It’s also where the iPads are actually made. Apple had received approval from China to sell “The New iPad” back in May but hasn’t said anything about a launch date yet. Some analysts believe that Apple was awaiting settlement in this particular case to launch the “New” iPad in China, to prevent any snafu’s.

This isn’t Apple’s first problem with naming. Apparently Cisco had actually held the trademark to the word “iPhone” prior to the 2007 launch of the device that changed the world. Cisco used the name “iPhone” for a line of network connected phones that the company has since stopped producing.

The name iPhone was transferred to Apple prior to the release for an undisclosed sum.

Source: AP 

Madison Startup: My Fashion Assistant, Is Well, Your Fashion Assistant

Nibletz spent Tuesday and Wednesday holding office hours in Madison Wisconsin. The startup scene is thriving as a matter of fact, our good friend Brad at Trinker in Madison helped organize a healthy sized, last minute meet up at the beautiful Union Terrace at UW.

Wednesday we spent some time with the co-working startups at Murfie’s office in downtown Madison.

One of the startups we met with was MyFashionAssistant and co-founder Louie Penaflor. Penaflor has a lot of great stories to tell about his work life in Manhattan at magazine publishing powerhouse Conde Nast which was actually the inspiration for MyFashionAssistant.

At first glance Penaflor does not look like he would be one of the founders of a fashion app for iOS and Android that has over 50,000 users. But boy he knows his stuff. Not only that but like many of the people we met in Wisconsin he is very excited about the Madison startup scene.

As for MyFashionAssistant, it’s a three panel slider app that allows users to take pictures of their wardrobe and then mix, match and mash them up in three sections which are shoes, pants (skirts etc) and tops. Now the beauty of MyFashionAssistant is that since right now most of the content is user generated, a fashion conscious man could easily use the same app.

Penaflor told us that he came up with the idea on many of his subway rides in New York. He noticed that everyone in New York is so laser lined focused on what’s right in front of them. “No one really looks at each other, but they do look at their phones and iPads” Penaflor told us.

On more than one occasion he would see groups of friends breaking the no looking rule to hover over someone’s phone or iPad and flip through pictures.  It was that flipping through pictures that made a bell go off in Penaflor’s head and think about what if they could flip through their wardrobe.

Deciding what to wear is a major pain point for some folks. They spend hours thinking about what they’re going to wear. Colleagues of Penaflor’s at Conde Nast would bring up in conversation three days early what they might wear going out Saturday night.

Another major pain point is sometimes people forget exactly how this shirt or blouse matches that pair of pants, but not with MyFashionAssitant.

Users take pictures and catalog as much of their wardrobe as they want. Now when they’re at the mall or a new store they can easily see if something is going to look good on them. They can even open up the app while they’re flipping through magazines.

Right now MyFashionAssistant is supporting itself as it’s a paid app. Penaflor is weighing all of his funding options. He could use MyFashionAssistant’s treasure trove of data and market research as a revenue stream. He could partner with other companies, or even white label the technology for name brand stores.

Penaflor admits there are some apps that match fashion the way his does but he started MyFashionAssistant back when there were just 2000 apps in the Apple app store.  Also, most competitors are name brand manufacturers who of course only feature their clothes within the app.

MyFashionAssitant supports thousands of different brands across their user base.  Penaflor says he could see possibly doing advertising but not in the traditional way. Brands could pay to have their newest lines included in the app so that potential customers could try out the company’s new designs with the users current wardrobe.

Penaflor likes his app to a virtual fitting room. He said Steve Jobs validated the need for MyFashionAssistant by saying iPhone (smartphones) is a lifestyle device and of course fashion is all about lifestyle.


Check out MyFashionAssistant here at their webpage

Download for Android

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New York Startup: Padcaster Turns Your iPad Into A Production Studio

Padcaster,Lenscaster,NY startup,startup,iPad,iPad accessory,iPad DSLR,iPad video  While to most the iPad is a truly magical device, what makes the iPad even more magical is the amount of accessories available for it. The iPhone has equally as many (if not more currently) cool accessories as well.

You can turn your iPad into an arcade machine, amplifier, guitar teaching tool, midi throughput device, turntables and now an on the go video and photo production studio.

Josh Apter, founder and president of Union Square based Padcaster, created the Padcaster out of necessity.

The Padcaster is an invention born out of my own needs as a filmmaker. I was shooting interviews with an iPad 2 about a year ago and was frustrated that there was no way to mount it onto a tripod. That’s when I decided to build something myself,” said Josh Apter, founder and president, The Padcaster, LLC. “Now, just about a year later, we have the Padcaster. I’ve been testing the prototype and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the results. Not only can I record high-quality footage right from the iPad, but I can also cut, add effects, and upload it to our Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and blog feeds simultaneously – all from the same device, almost instantly.”

The Padcaster is house in an aluminum frame that allows itself to be mounted to after market lenses, microphones, and other accessories needed for great photographs and great videos. It also has a tripod mount on the bottom which means you can mount the secure Padcaster to any tripod, monopod or other device with a tripod mount.

Apter created an accessory called the Lenscaster that is sold separately from the Padcaster and allows the ability to hook the Padcaster up to cinema style lenses and other lenses that connect via a 35mm lens adapter (not included)

Both the Padcaster and the Lenscaster help move the iPad from consumer device to a more professional on the go photo and video studio.


Find out more about Padcaster here

Here’s a product tour of the Padcaster

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Grads & Dads Gift Idea: Griffin Studio Connect For iPad

By now most owners of any version of the iPad are well aware of their robust music features. Starting with the iPad 2 Apple added a portable, iPad version of their hit music production software “Garage Band” that is nearly as feature rich, and much more portable, then the desktop/macbook version.

With the Griffin Studio Connect you can connect your iPad to midi-devices, musical instruments and microphones with a 1/4 inch standard output, and even output the iPad using a stereo RCA cord.

Not only that but the Griffin Studio Connect Dock also charges the iPad while allowing you to pass midi right through it to Garage Band and other third party apps. Long gone are the days of removable media multi trackers. Move over Tascam, coupling the Griffin Studio Connect to the iPad is an entirely new recording experience.

For Midi the Studio Connect supports MIDI in and MIDI out so you can use your iPad as a MIDI controller.

The 1/4 inch input allows you to connect any musical instrument (or microphone) into the iPad. It also features a 3.5mm stereo jack with dedicated gain control as well as a 3.5mm output jack and stereo RCA line level outs.  There’s also a separate volume control for the front panel, stereo headphone jack.

You can create musical master pieces, beats and even hook up some DJ rigs directly for recording to the iPad.

The Studio Connect won a best of show in the i-Lounge at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It’s the perfect gift for that music playing grad, or dad on your shopping list this month.

Find out more or buy it direct from Griffin, here.

News Byte: Virgin Atlantic To Offer In Flight Cell Phone Calls

Earlier this year frequent flyers started an insane amount of buzz around the laws that prohibit you from using your electronic devices during taxi, take off, and dissent. The reason behind this was the fact that many airlines are switching to iPad based flight manuals. Logic would have you ask, if the pilots’ iPad’s aren’t interfering with the flight, why would mine.

Of course, any person with a little common sense realizes that if one cell phone could actually interfere with the flight controls, there would be a more finite ban of those devices on commercial airlines.

Now it’s been reported that Virgin Atlantic will start offering in-flight, use your own cell phone, calls on flights using their Airbus A330 planes,  from London to New York. The airline plans on adding more flights as well.  They plan on adding 17 planes and ten different routes, this year.

The in flight mobile calling will be provided by AeroMobile which is partly owned by Panasonic. According to digitaljournal, the inflight calls will cost around the same price as a traditional roaming call. I know who actually has roaming charges these days?

source: DigitalJournal


Start Up Hearty Spin Releases iOS App For Autistic Children

A Singapore start up called Hearty SPIN has released a new app meant for helping autistic children communicate to the Apple app store. The SPIN in Hearty Spin stands for Solutions for People In Need. Hearty SPIN’s website describes them as a “social enterprise that creates special education, learning and communication assistive technology apps for individuals with autism and other special needs worldwide”.

Their first app for autistic children, called Picture ACC, and uses visual learning strengths to help children communicate more effectively. The app, which is available in English and Chinese, is designed for iPads and iPhones.

ACC stands for augmentative, alternative communication. This app allows autistic children to communicate by using the pictures on the screen.

“Picture AAC app enables children with autism to learn effective communication by utilizing their visual learning strength.” said KhengWah Koh, Founder of Hearty SPIN

Parents of autistic children are very aware of the PECS binder which allows autistic children to pick from a number of pictures to help communicate with friends, family and loved ones. The Picture ACC app effectively takes the idea behind the PECS binder and puts it into a touch screen app format.

You can find out more about the Picture AAC app here

Newest iPad release date confirmed by Apple employee


And the camping has started, not really but 9to5Mac has been told by an Apple employee that the newest iPad “would” be launched on 16 March. It could either go by iPad3 or iPad HD which the rumors are pointing to. Seeing how it could have a retina display where as the “older” iPads lacked, Apple would need a way to differentiate between them as this would be the best way in doing so.

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