Seattle Daily Deals Site Tippr Gets Proactive; Refunds Customers For Possible Fake Bose Headphone Purchase

Every daily deals site’s worst nightmare recently came true for Seattle-based Tippr, however their handling of the situation saved face and customers.

One of Tippr’s merchants recently ran a deal for a pair of Bose headphones at the low-cost of $49. The merchant had said that the headsets were genuine and that they were authorized to sell them. However as Tippr CEO Martin Tobias told Geekwire they started to have their doubts and then worked with Bose directly to vet the validity of this deal.

“Upon further investigation and in partnership with Bose Corporation, we were unable to verify the merchant’s inventory levels nor the authenticity of the product to our satisfaction,” Tobias tells GeekWire in an email.  ”There are apparently quite good fake versions of these headphones in the market and we were concerned that the merchant may have been attempting to ship knock-offs instead of factory authorized product. So out of a preponderance of caution, and looking out for the interest of our Tippr customers, we decided to refund all customer’s money rather than risk them getting a potentially faulty or poor quality product.”

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Tobias told Geekwire that this was their first mass refund to date for the company founded in February of 2010. Tobias also said that they were pursuing legal action against SwagShopCentral for misrepresentation and breach of contract.

Daily deals giants like Groupon and Living Social have had their share of bad deals. In one instance Groupon found themselves under fire for what was supposed to be a luxury bus trip to Las Vegas from California. On this bus trip the California residents were stranded in Las Vegas when their bus didn’t show up for over five hours.

Fortunately for Tippr this was their first such incident and they do an overall good job of vetting their merchants and their deals. When this one started looking too good to be true they made the necessary decision to preserve their customers faith in Tippr.

You can read the entire email sent to Tippr customers at the source link.

Source: Geekwire


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