NY Startup GiddyUp Launches Social Mobile App For Short Term Planning

GiddyUp Co-Founder Elliott Goldwater asks a very relevant question these days, of the last 10 social apps that you downloaded how many do you still use right now. So I did an inventory. I’ve downloaded 36 apps that fit in the social mobile space. Here are the ones that I still use, at least in some kind of moderation: Hootsuite (all the time), Facebook (all the time), Instagram (quite frequently), Path (moderately), Pinterest (minimally), Sonar (moderately), Glancee (moderately), Trover (a little more than moderately). I’ve dumped countless others including Highlight.

So why bother with another social mobile app. Well as Goldwater points out, Giddy Up is a social mobile app in the truest form. The app allows you to plan and attend events and then communicate through the app using your actual friends regular contact info, novel huh.

Event hosts must sign up for Giddy Up however their friends don’t have to.  While Giddy Up has integration with Facebook, and Twitter (with Privacy Controls) the foundation for the event is built upon actual contacts in your contact list. The user creates an RSVPable event.

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For their friends that have the GiddyUp app they receive a push notification letting them know that they are invited to a new GiddyUp event. If the friend doesn’t have GiddyUp, no worries, they will receive a text message taking them to a mobile web page that allows them to RSVP for the event. If at that point they want to download GiddyUp they can.

Goldwater has drawn from 3 different app categories. The event planning kings like Facebook and Eventbrite, check in tools like FourSquare and then the telephone and SMS.

We tried to take the aspects from each of our competitors that people appreciate the most and combine them into an incredibly mobile and easy-to-use platform,” Goldwater said to Betakit in an interview. “Creating an event with GiddyUp … can be done anywhere and getting responses is easier … [you find out] exactly what the plan is and it answers the age-old question of ‘who else is going?’”

The app is free for now but it may move to a premium model after they build scale and tweak the overall product.

We’ve recently reported on two great apps for evening nightlife planning, MyNyte and Wendr, however Giddyup is more of a party and event planning app that makes the management of planning the event, a whole lot easier. Giddyup can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes App Store.

source: Betakit


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