Ooworldcoop Biggest Mover At OneSpark Day 2


The OneSpark staff just announced the day 2 biggest movers in the crowdfunding voting for the crowdfunding festival. Over 500 creators are competing for there share of a $250,000 pot that will be distributed on Sunday to help launch these creations and take these projects, businesses, startups and inventions.

There are 4 main categories: Art, Music, Science and Technology there’s also a 5th “other” category,

Oooworldcoop, a technology startup trying to mesh Facebook with EBay in a social marketplace platform, as a co-op was the biggest mover in the tech category today.

Yesterday’s biggest mover was Aurora, a local music discovery app.

Here’s the complete rundown on video:

Oh yes! We have a lot more OneSpark coverage here


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