Editor’s Choice: Top 10 Nibletz Posts of 2013

Lets cheers Happy new year

Pop the champagne!

It’s the last day of 2013, which is a little crazy. It’s been a busy year for Nibletz, and we are planning for an even better 2014.

We covered some great startups this year, from all over the country. We attended tons of great events and met smart entrepreneurs all over the country. Here are some of our favorite posts from this year:

Dave McClure: Buying a House is Far More Risky Than Investing In Startups

Why do investors have to be “accredited” when almost anyone can risk their money on buying a house?

5 Rules for Naming Your Startup: Memphis Firm Offers Support Advice in SXSW Panel

Startup names are a mixed bag, but Archer Malmo gave advice to the crowd at SXSW in March.

FortifyVC’s Carla Valdes Knows What It Means to Have It All

This interview features a woman who does it all. (And watch for some exciting stuff coming from Carla in 2014!)

This Pitch From DC Startup Speek Results in a Monkey Tattoo on John Bracken’s Ass

Cofounders sometimes do mean things to each other. Like announce the other one will get a tattoo if they win a pitch contest.

Tony Hsieh, Founder of Zappos and Downtown Project, On Startup Communities

Whether it’s a huge company or a whole city, Tony Hsieh has a few things to say about starting up.

Do Women-Only Initiatives Actually Help Women

In one of my first posts as Editor-in-Chief, I take issue with women-only initiatives.

oDesk’s Gary Swart Has Advice for Startups Everywhere Else

In a fireside chat with Sarah Lacy, oDesk CEO Gary Swart cautioned startups to think twice before moving to Silicon Valley.

Mark Cuban Shows Variety in Portfolio With Latest Startup Investments

Love or hate him, Mark Cuban knows how to make money.

Atlas Demos the Next Fitness Band at Techstars Austin Demo Day

The next fitness band seeks to help you make sense of all that health data.

Oh, and of course:

Paul Graham & Sexism: Just One More Distraction from Real Work

Thanks for all your support this year. We’ll see you in 2014.



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