Mark Cuban-backed RECESS Combines College, Tech, and EDM



In the old days, when you wanted to start a business in college you had a few options. You could start on the side, working between classes, maybe joining some business club. Or you could drop out and hope the risk was worth it.

rsz_incontentad2Now, thanks to RECESS, you have an even cooler option. No more choosing between boring career fair and selling knives during the summer.

Spawned from Glowfest–an EDM concert series–RECESS brings together college kids, tech companies, and EDM artists in a crazy, packed day. The conference–deemed a “music and ideas festival” by the company–travels to college campuses across the country and essentially pops up SXSW for one day.

The day is split up into different categories, cleverly deemed the Playground, Study Hall, Pitch Competition, and Concert.

During the Playground, college kids experience a career fair on steroids. They can interact with successful tech companies like, Dollar Shave Club, Doctor On Demand, and WillCall. Internships, jobs, and valuable relationships with startup founders and employees can be made on the Playground.

During Study Hall, the festival moves to a more traditional conference. Speakers come in to talk about startups and the future of the tech industry. This spring boasts some great speakers, including Scott Case and Jeff Hoffman, who have also spoken at the Everywhere Else conference series.

The Pitch Competition is billed as  March Madness-style event where students can pitch their business ideas. They’re working their way to the final competition in Las Vegas later in the spring.

Finally, the concert. Because life’s been far too serious that day. Each event boasts a different show, and EDM artists like deadmau5, Diplo, and Krewella come in for the party.

“RECESS curates the best day of college by bringing together successful entrepreneurs, the coolest new startups and the hottest acts in music to campuses across the country,” said RECESS Co-Founder Jack Shannon. “Our mission is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs that will change the landscape of tomorrow’s businesses while offering participating brands unprecedented campus access to activate students.”

The company is backed by investors like Mark Cuban. This isn’t his first investment in a live entertainment company; he made the biggest deal in Shark Tank history last October with creepy scare company Ten Thirty One Productions.

The traveling festival kicks off at University of the Pacific on March 21. Admission is free, and you can find the rest of the 6 tour dates on the company’s website.


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