Durham–And The Research Triangle–Open The Next Code School


The Iron Yard Academy LOGO

This June The Iron Yard Academy powered by Smashing Boxes will host its first class in Durham, NC. The Iron Yard Academy is already a proven code school with locations across the southeast. Smashing Boxes is a local development shop in Durham.

incontent3The school will be the first in Durham and only the second in the Research Triangle.

The partnership is special because it combines the coding school experience of The Iron Yard with Smashing Boxes’ understanding of the local tech scene. That combination could propel ecosystems like the Research Triangle into a whole new sphere.

“The need for technical talent is even more concentrated in high-tech regions such as the Triangle. We’re hoping the school will solidify Durham as a training ground for skilled programmers and continue to attract high-growth businesses,” Smashing Boxes CEO Nick Jordan said. “Creating opportunity in the market for up-and-coming technologists is an essential part of continuing to build our thriving economy.

The Iron Yard Academy is an immersive program–12 weeks of teaching, mentoring, collaboration, and real development work. Regular lab time allows students to leave the academy with a portfolio of projects to shop around to potential employers.

The Iron Yard Academy even guarantees graduates a job–or their money back.

“The Academy is unique among code schools. Students will rub shoulders with real businesses and programming teams from day one,” said Eric Dodds of The Iron Yard.

Find out more at The Iron Yard’s website.


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