11 Awesome Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs

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Working from home sucks sometimes. You can only stare at the same wall so many times before it completely drains you of all creativity. And, in my case, it’s a guarantee that as soon as I get in a groove, the children will want to tell me about their latest Lego creation.

That’s why coworking spaces can be so awesome for entrepreneurs. You can be surrounded by like-minded people, but also plugged totally into work. Many of the spaces below also offer on-site mentors and other perks.

In case you didn’t know, most coworking spaces are member-only because they often also work as incubators. But, if you’re ever traveling, a nominal fee will usually get you some space at one of these awesome hubs, and you’ll get the added benefit of networking with a whole new set of people.

If you live around one of these awesome coworking spaces everywhere else, do whatever you can to get in!


1. 1776 DC–Opened in January of this year, 1776 is a great space for entrepreneurs. Many of the businesses that work here are focused on solving our nation’s toughest problems in healthcare, education, energy, and government.



2. The Speak Easy in Indianapolis bills itself as “a combination of a 17th century salon, coffee shop, and science lab.” Companies pay yearly dues and have access to common areas and a conference room, as well as a gaming center and semi-regular events.



3. Chicago’s 1871 (named after the 1871 Chicago fire) is located in the historic Merchandise Mart. There are three different kinds of memberships that offer different levels of access to the space. They also host classes, workshops, and networking events.



4. Miami Shared is full not the average folding table coworking space. Full of windows, white walls, and stunning artwork, Miami Shared creates a unique place for entrepreneurs to work. Members get the benefit of the beautiful space, as well as networking and collaboration opportunities.



5. Green Spaces can be found in Denver, CO, New York City, and (soon) Minneapolis, MN. The space particularly hosts companies that focus on “doing good.” Collaboration, networking, and access to influencers across the world are just a few perks of being a member at Green Spaces.



6. MAKERS opened up shop in Seattle in 2011. The building is full of refurbished wood and natural light, reminiscent of Seattle’s nature-loving atmosphere. There are several tiers of membership, and non-members can rent out certain spaces at certain times.



7. 654 Work Cottage is one of the more creative uses for an old house. Don’t the let the quaint outside fool you, though. Inside the Work Cottage is a first class coworking space. They offer a range of memberships, including pay as you go.

EC photos-3_0


8. The Nashville Entrepreneur Center opened last month to a little bit of controversy. Still, members of the center have access to investors, mentors, and other resources to build their companies. They also get preferred consideration for the incubator housed in the same building.



9. The Iceberg is a cool place to work in tiny Fayetteville, AR. The basement space is divided into areas, such as a coffeeshop/lounge, conference room, workspace, and resource library. Rent is affordable at The Iceberg, and they offer day passes to those passing through.



10. In Jacksonville, NC, CoWorx offers an office space for any entrepreneur. They have all the trappings of an office, but offer tiers of membership to make it affordable. Members can even rent private, furnished offices.



11. Philadelphia’s Independents Hall is tapping into the excitement that working with a group can generate. Indy Hall offers all the other essentials of a coworking space, but they really focus on the serendipity of the relationships built there. They also offer day passes for people who are passing through or want to test the waters.

Most startups and entrepreneurs could never afford the upkeep on these sleek, state-of-the-art offices. But, with the growing coworking trend, it’s so much easier to work in style.

Know of a great coworking space? Let us know which ones we left out.

6 Companies From Everywhere Else That Raised Money This Week

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The two biggest complaints about building a company outside of Silicon Valley are 1) lack of talent and 2) lack of capital.

But that doesn’t mean NO ONE gets funded outside of Silicon Valley. Every day companies close rounds and gain that extra capital they need to scale. And, yes, they even do it outside of the Valley.

Here are 6 companies from everywhere else that raised capital just this week.

  1. Mediaspectrum–Based in Boston, Mediaspectrum provides a platform for big media companies (think Gannett, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, etc) to manage content and advertising in one place. They raised $35.8 million, led by Insight Ventures Partners.
  2. MobileSpaces–This Maryland company helps businesses secure mobile apps on their employees’ phones, keeping sensitive business data from leaking. They raised $8.6 million in second round funding from Accel Partners and Marker LLC.
  3. Vivino–This wine app from Denmark followed on their December series A with another $10.3 million. The app scans wine labels and tells the drinker what brand, varietals, vintage, and year of the wine inside the bottle.
  4. Objective Logistics–On July 19, the Cambridge, MA-based company announced a $5.3 million Series A. The app gamifies waiting tables, trying to incentive waitstaff that may need extra encouragement.
  5. Codeanywhere–The Croatia-based company bills itself as “the Google Docs for developers” and offers a Web-based code editor. On Monday they announced a $600,000 series A from World Wide Web Hosting, LLC.
  6. Panjo–Based in LA, Panjo is an ecommerce platform that taps into the “enthusiast market.” Within each vertical (cars, sports, pets, etc), hobbyists can sell items related to the hobby. They raised $1.6 million in seed funding, led by Spark Capital.

As I researched this story, I realized something. Few of these companies are “sexy.” They aren’t the next consumer-facing social phenomenon. They aren’t going to interest every person on earth, or even most people, really. But, most of them are solving problems encountered by people and businesses all over the world.

That’s kind of what “everywhere else” is about, right? The Valley has done what the Valley’s going to do, and now it’s time for everywhere else to step up and solve problems.

Here from several startups everywhere else that raised money this year at everywhereelse.co The Startup Conference, a Must Attend by  Forbes.

500 Startups Company Waygo Talks To Nibletz [video][500 startups]

Waygo, 500 startups,Rhode Island startup,startup,startups,everywhere elseEarlier this morning we brought you the interview with Spinnakr founder Michael Michael Mayernick who talked with us about laying their foundation in Washington DC which helped them prepare for and then graduate from 500 Startups in Silicon Valley.

Ryan Rogowski, the cofounder of translation startup WayGo, also talked with us about their experience in Rhode Island before being chosen for 500 Startups.

In the video below Rogowski talks to us about  the much lower cost of overhead in Rhode Island, and how it allowed them to speed up their development process. Waygo was able to catch the eye of 500 Startups founder Dave McClure, who is a very frequent traveler, the kind that Waygo was designed for.

As for what they do?

Waygo is a mobile app that allows you to hover your smartphone camera over text or images and get a translation. For instance, if you want to order Chinese Food from a Chinese menu written in their native tongue, Waygo would allow you to scan the menu and get real time translations. The best part? Everything is done locally on the device side which makes the translations come extremely fast.

Waygo is designed with the tourist in mind. You can use Waygo to translate Chinese food menus, and signs on the road, bars and restaurants.

The idea came about over two years ago when Rogowski was living in China and realized how hard it was to translate things in real time.

Check out our video interview with:

Check out more 500 Startups coverage from nibletz!

Worry Not! John McAfee Still On The Lam

John McAfee, everywhere else, tech, BelizeIf you read any tech blogs than you are most likely aware that John McAfee the multi millionaire behind the McAfee security suite is “on the lam” in Belize.  He’s wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor in Belize, 52 year old American businessman Gregory Faull.

The Belize government has said repeatedly that they only want to talk to McAfee.  It seems that there was a dispute between McAfee and Faull over McAgee’s dogs who ended up getting poisoned. This all happened before Faull himself was found dead.

McAfee has turned into some kind of rogue underground hero. He’s been blogging and tweeting, while trying to avoid “capture” by the Belize police. He’s told anyone who will listen that he is afraid he would be killed if he was captured by the authorities.

His mental state has been in question all the while.  In one interview, with a journalist who’s been favorable to McAfee for quite some time, McAfee played Russian roulette while the interview was being conducted. There have also been wide internet reports that McAfee enjoyed experimenting with “bath salts” for recreational use.

Since this crazy fiasco began McAfee has been keeping people up to date on Twitter and on his personal blog, whoismcafee.com. As we headed into the weekend McAfee went radio silent and his back up blogger went to work setting the plan in motion in case McAfee had been captured.

McAfee penned a blog entry a short time ago indicating that he was still in hiding with friends and he was safe but “not quite out of the woods yet”. He’s in the company of Vice Magazine.

McAfee wrote:

I apologize for the silence, and misdirection.  I am currently safe and in the company of two intrepid journalist from Vice Magazine, and, of course, Sam.  We are not in Belize, but not quite out of the woods yet.  I will do a more detailed posting later today if all goes well.  My “double”, carrying on a North Korean passport under my name, was in fact detained in Mexico for pre-planned misbehavior, but due to indifference on the part of authorities was evicted from the jail and was unable to serve his intended purpose in our exit plan.  He is now safely out of Mexico.

McAfee reports that he is getting his companion Sam safe, and after she is safe he will return to Belize because he can’t keep up this fight in “exile”.

Yes, your computers are being protected with software developed by this man.


McAfee’s Blog

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Brad Feld On “The Boulder Thesis” VIDEO

Author,founder, entrepreneur, investor and all around startup evangelist Brad Feld was on hand in Chicago on Tuesday for the Startup America regions summit. Feld is one of the founders, and Managing Director of Foundry Group and has been enamored in startup culture for over 15 years.

Feld’s latest book “Startup Communities” was published earlier this month, and in addition to speaking Startup America and 1871 hosted an official launch party for Feld’s book which included signing copies and free books for the first 40 in line.

Feld’s book serves as almost a handbook to other entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem leaders looking to build startup ecosystems in their town. Feld feels that most communities can support a startup ecosystem if they follow some basic guidelines. Boulder Colorado is one of the most well known and respected startup communities outside of Silicon Valley. Boulder didn’t grow into the startup community it is today, overnight. Feld points out that its been growing over the past 15 years and continues to grow.

Feld has been working with Startup America since it’s inception, in fact Startup America CEO Scott Case counts Feld as one of his most trusted advisors out in the field, working in the trenches with startups every day.

During his Startup America talk Feld highlighted the foundation, or framework found in his book “Startup Communities” about building startup communities.

  • The startup communities have to be led by entrepreneurs
  • These entrepreneurs have to take a very long term view (20 years)
  • They have to be inclusive of anyone who wants to be inclusive of the startup community in any way
  • You have to have activities and events that engage the entire entrepreneurial community

Feld prides himself on his genuine accessibility and is anxious to talk with entrepreneurs and startups from everywhere. He’s a top rate connector and if you’re headed to Boulder he will gladly share members of his network with you that he feels you will benefit from. He’s willing to help just about anyone, however before he helps you he often gives out tasks to do, nothing too hard, but rather questions to answer or information to find out, usually helping yourself in the process. These tasks usually separate the serious from the not so serious.

In the same spirit as his email accessibility Feld stuck around most of the day talking with the Startup America champions about just about anything. In fact we talked about startups, tennis and Australia and how they all interconnect for Feld and his family in February.

Check out the video from his talk at the Startup America summit below:


Check out Brad Feld’s site here

Startup America Here

Everywhere Else here

Boulder: Foundry Group Closes Third Annual $225M Fund

The Foundry Group, the venture capital group founded by Startup Colorado Co-Chair and Techstars Co-Founder, Brad Feld has announced that they’ve just completed raising their third annual $225M Fund.

As our friends at PE Hub are quick to point out the fanfare around the announcement was exactly the same as the previous two years. That’s perfectly fine with us though as Feld and his team are extremely busy and just about everything that he does is focused around funding, promoting and pushing entrepreneurs and Startups, and a lot of them are “everywhere else”.

For instance, Feld still serves as a mentor at TechStars and several other accelerators that are part of the Global Accelerator Network.

As far as the fund itself goes it will continue to invest in US based Startups and technology focuse companies. They prefer to invest in themes that have long term growth strategies in place rather than looking for the next Instagram. They often provide follow on funding for Techstars graduates. For example, The Foundry Group invested $5 Million in Orbotix Series B Round. Orbotix was mentored by Feld at TechStars. They created the Sphero robotic ball that even President Obama is a fan of.

Other notable investments include Cheezburger, Urban Airship, FullContact and Zynga.


Check out Feld’s blog here

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Wait what’s This?


Happy Fourth Of July Startups Everywhere Else, From The Nibletz Team

While many of us are still working all through the holiday because it’s the startup way we just wanted to take this time to wish all the startups “everywhere else” a Happy Fourth Of July. Keep plugging away. Keep practicing your pitch. Keep reaching for those dollars. Keep testing your model. Keep failing and trying again.

But please take a quick break at some point in your day to watch this quick video,and crack open an ice cold Bud Light. You deserve it.

And if you’re so inclined, by us a beer or two and help us get out on the road again.

5 Trending Angel List (Angel.co) Startups From Everywhere Else

Chances are if you read nibletz.com regularly, you are a startup, accelerator,incubator or angel from “everywhere else” just like us. So I’m sure you’ve probably noticed in your daily check to angel.co that all of the trending startups are almost always from Silicon Valley.

We’ve decided to highlight some of the trending startups from “everywhere else” that can be found on angel.co. So here’s our first list of five.

NetPlenish (Los Angeles)

NetPlenish is an innovative way to keep track of the things you regularly buy from the store, albeit razors, gatorade, coffee, socks, diapers etc. It hold all that information in a list for you in the cloud. NetPlenish then finds the best prices for everything on your list. This could be at K-Mart, WalMart, Target, Wahlgreen’s or which ever NetPlenish merchant partner has the best price.

Then, once a week you’re notified by NetPlenish either with a push notification or email, that they’ve done the research and found the best prices for the items you need. They get each item at the vendor with the best price and then voila in a few days your items are at your doorstep.

Talk about the king of convenience.

Find out more about NetPlenish here.


FormLabs, Boston 

FormLabs in Boston is hoping to make 3D printers actually attainable. Right now companies like Makerbot and others have 3D printers that they can sell to you but they are often thousands of dollars.

The FormLabs 3D printer is going to be low-cost and print in 3D right out of the box.

Co-Founders Maxim Lobovsky and David Cranor are hiring right now and we’re hoping for a roll out soon because I want to start making action figures in my basement.

Find out more about Formlabs here


Mile High Organics, Boulder 

We all know that Boulder has a thriving tech scene. In fact TechStars is based there and it’s like a little metropolis of all the next best ideas.

Mile High was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch section as the Nation’s First USDA -Certified Organic Online Grocer.

Mile High Organics is America’s First Certified Organic Online Grocer. Members order online and receive convenient, scheduled home or office delivery of local, organic, non-GMO (non-genetically modified) produce, dairy, meat, seafood, groceries; health, home and beauty products. We have over 500 SKUs and growing.

Mile High is backed by Dave McClure and 500 startups.

If you’re into organic food, now you can order from Mile High, get your every day supplies from NetPlenish and never have to leave the house again, where we know you’re incubating that next big startup.

More on Mile High, here


Hungerly, Columbus OH

Food trucks, food trucks, food trucks, I’ve been saying this since South By Southwest 2011, the food truck app space is heating up. Hungerly from Columbus Ohio is part of that new trend. But unlike other food truck apps, this app is for the vendor not the customer.

If you are a food truck vendor you’ve got a lot on your plate (no pun intended) you have to clean your truck to code, prepare all your food to code and then find a place to vend where you won’t get a ticket.

That’s where Hungerly comes in. Hungerly maintains a database of the best, approved locations for food trucks to set up and start vending. A food truck owner just logs in, looks for a spot and Hungerly has done all the work.

For more on Hungerly visit this link


Social Meter, Houston Texas

Social Meter is a unique way for people to get face time with important people by donating to their favorite charity. While some may cry afoul, this tactic actually works, I know this first hand.

During my radio and records career I was helping my little brothers band get noticed. They were actually really good for a young (teenage) rock band with their own material. A major label executive at Sony had said they liked what they heard but never had the time for us.

A bunch of googling later I found a charity that this executive was very involved with. We went to the Sony Tower on Madison Ave in New York and I sent up a $100 money order for the charity in an envelope with the executives name on it, we got the meeting.

Social Meter makes it much easier as they’ve already sourced the charities and the influencers have decided how much of a donation will get the donator a phone call, a meeting or a lunch. Ultimately it’s a win win for everyone after you get over the “pimp my charity” part.

It’s all about getting noticed and Social Meter helps you do that.

For more on Social Meter click here.



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Bethlehem PA Startup: Weather Trades Video Interview

Rarely have I found a company that deals with a force that disrupts more lives than any other issue.  Weather.  We’ve all watched the local meteorologist completely drop the ball and get it wrong.  Weather Trades, a spin-off from Weather Trends International, has a product that could change the way you live.  Seriously.

Here in the United States the typical yearly vacation time is an extremely limited two weeks.  We take huge risks when we book our travel for that short period of time.  Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding that ended up inside?  Have you ever wondered if you should keep those winter clothes out for another 6 weeks?  I have been directly or indirectly affected by each of these scenarios. If you could see a weather forecast for the next year – worldwide – with an accuracy of 80% or better how would your life be different?

Imagine you are the largest retailer in the world, and you have to decide to purchase air conditioners from the manufacturers but cannot decide whether or not to buy all of the stock or a third of it. Walmart had to make that decision:

“We bought all of the home center’s uncommitted air circulation orders from the manufacturers and had a great year.  Our sell through was 98% compared to 85% last year based solely on a huge decision we made using your year-ahead summer forecast. A $130,000,000 win in one category.” Gordon Erickson, Senior Vice President Merchandising-Hardlines

Commodities Traders:

WTI is the ONLY company in the world that provides YEAR-AHEAD forecasts that can be integrated into trading models and other business applications. WTI provides a complete suite of products and services for commodity traders, energy traders, and the entire agricultural industry. This includes typical short range-forecasting services along with proprietary year-ahead global forecasts and analytical assessments for grains, sugar, energy, and other weather driven commodity markets across the globe.

Travel Sites: After approaching the more popular travel sites on the internet and being turned down Weather Trades turned their sites on TechCrunch Disrupt to hopefully find developers, startups, and investors who can build upon the unique tools that they’ve created. In all honesty this is the startup that had me most excited.  To see a little more check out the interview by Kyle below.  I will also be reviewing their wt360 Pro app in the coming days.  It’s available in the App Store and Google Play

Find out more about Weather Trades here

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Have A Startup Idea For The President, Or The Government? Better Get To Disrupt

If you have a startup idea for the President of the United States or the United States government you want to make sure you’re at TechCrunch Disrupt starting on Monday at Pier 94 in New York City. The nibletz team will be on hand to see a great panel featuring the President’s technology “gurus” US CTO Todd Park and US CIO Steven VanRoekel.

According to TechCrunch’s Gregory Ferenstein, Park and Van Roekel will not only be introducing attendees to new technological government initiatives but they’ll be looking for startups to partner with the White House as well as individuals who may want to take their tech career straight up the flag pole.

We can expect the nation’s top two technology leaders to talk about the government’s blue button initiative for universal access to health records, and it’s green button initiative centered around energy.

If you don’t have a Disrupt ticket yet, you can get one here. And of course if you’re a startup from “everywhere else” presenting, exhibiting or attending Disrupt NYC then make sure you’re on our schedule too by emailing disrupt@nibletz.com.

Source: TechCrunch



St.Louis Startups: Arch Grants Announces 15 Recipients of $50k Grants

If you’re been watching Nibletz.com then you probably know that St.Louis has a thriving startup scene. Square co-founder Jim McKelvey has been investing in some of the leading area startups. Tech.li CEO Edward Domain (no relation to Kim DotCom), moved tech.li’s operations to St. Louis as well.

St. Louis has a tight knit community of startups, entrepreneurs and investors, but at the same time we’ve found that they are really open and welcoming of any startup, extremely easy to talk to and just a great bunch of people. Heck if tech.li wasn’t already in St. Louis, we’d consider moving there :)

Yesterday Arch Grants announced 15 recipients of $50k in startup grants, the winners of their business plan competition. Arch Grants co-founder Jerry Schlichter said that the 15 recipients came out of a pool of 400 submissions.

In addition to the seed money, Arch Grants will provide business consulting, mentorship and big discounts on needed services like office space.

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VC Investment In Austin Texas Jumps 47% In Q1 While Many Cities In U.S. See A Decline

Austin Texas is the place to be for startups every March during the annual South By Southwest Interactive festival. Startups from across the country, and the globe spend anywhere from $10,000 to several hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the biggest pop during the festival. Well what about the Austin startup scene the rest of the year?

We all know about Austin success stories like that of GoWalla who sold their company in an acquihire to Facebook. They shut the service down this year during SXSW before relocating to Paolo Alto. However there are a lot more startups in Austin, how many? Well there’s an Austin startup list website that lists over 1400 startups, ranging from easly stage companies to those that are funded or on the brink of acquisition.

While the rest of the country saw an 18% decline in venture capital investments and deal volume fell 9% over the same period last year, Austin saw a 47% increase in venture capital funding during the first quarter.

Austin venture backed businesses tallied up $250 million dollars in 32 financings in the first quarter, reports the Austin Business Journal.

That number was fueled by three huge deals. Apollo Endosurgery got a $47.6 million dollar investment.  In February Kinner Software received a $40 million dollar investment and in March Pivot3 Inc saw an investment of $23.3 million dollars.

source: Austin Business Journal

St. Louis Arch Angels Invest $3 Million In 2011

We love angel funds with great names like Arch Angels (get it St.Louis, Arch, Arch Angels?). The group of investors that has been around since 2005 announced their biggest year in funding was 2011 with $3 million in investments in a variety of early stage sectors.  Their investments range from health technology, to beverages and even backing a downtown St. Louis accelerator fund.

The angel group has 47 members and have invested $26 million in 28 companies since their founding in 2005.

Their leading investments in 2011 were $500,000 to Pulse Technologies. The health care company is working on developing a medical device to boost the effectiveness in clot dissolving drugs.

The groups second largest investment was $173,000 in a beverage company developed by Robert Paul, a neuropsychologist who after hearing about brain drinks decided if it was going to be done right he would do it himself. Arch Angels investment was part of a $900,000 round that also included former executives of Anheiser Busch.

Arch Angels other investments were in two more medical companies, Katalyst Surgical which received $123,000 for opthalmic instruments and $220,000 in Venti a medical device company focused on diseases of the veins.

They also contributed $375,000 to Capital Innovators the downtown accelerator fund. Capital Innovators has backed 12 startups that showed off their projects at a demo day held in the beginning of the month.

source: Stltoday.com

New York Startup: Wendr Wins $25,000 Partnership With AB InBev For Mobile App Idea

(photo: adage.com)

Wendr is a new mobile social app that launched in February at the onset of Social Media week in New York. It has many of the same characteristics of the Ft.Lauderdale startup we profiled yesterday called MyNyte. In trying out both apps MyNyte has a more personal feeling to it.  However Wendr is hoping to lend their technology to AB InBev  (Anheiser Busch) the makers of Budweiser.

The two month old startup won a $25,000 partnership with the beverage giant in Manhattan Wednesday as part of Ad Age’s Digital Conference. The hackathon was called “Brand Hack” and the wet behind the ears CEO Sam Zises blew away the competition, not necessarily with the app itself but with his total package.

Ad Age’s Jason DelRay report that not only did Zises bring his customized app called “Buds By Budweiser” but he engaged the crowd at one point doing a wardrobe change on stage from his Wendr hat to a hat that was already emblazoned with a “Buds By Budweiser” logo. This is the kind of thing that gets investors and contest judges engaged with the people presenting as much as the idea itself. A point echoed by Fubu founder and ABC Shark Tank Shark Daymond John in a recent Google+ Hangout Townhall meeting with high school students studying business.

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