#OpTrialAtHome From Anonymous To Hit This Saturday

#OpTrialAtHome is Anonymous newest cause. Unlike last Saturdays “attempt” to take down the Net which makes no sense as why would they crash their playground. This one is being reported by all the Anonymous Twitter feeds and people close to it. In a group showing against UK extraditing people to the USA to face crimes, Anonymous is telling its supports to take out the countries home website.

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Startup Quick Byte: Sworly

For today’s Startup Quick Byte, we take a look at Sworly, think Pinterest meet 80’s/90’s MTV, you know, when MTV was actually watchable with music being played. Sworly takes the confusion of what Pinterest could be and does it all around music.

Why Sworly?

We scour the web to provide you unlimited access to over 20 million songs readily available throughout the web so you don’t have to stress your wallet. You also no longer have to stumble through dozens of mind-numbing fakes on YouTube before finding that coveted song.

Based out of Ottawa, this Startup is one of many specialized Pinterest clones popping up. For music lovers this is perfect as it is just for the music fans to discover new music.


Where to find them





Startup Quick Byte: Marker.to


Today on Startup Quick Byte we take a look at a Startup out of Chile called Marker.to. What this company does is make it so you’ll be able to after installing their plugin Highlight words and phrases on websites. You can then share that page with the words Highlighted easily so others can see what you are talking about specifically.

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Breaking: Anonymous Hacks Chinese Site

Anonymous, has in the past shown great “humanitarian” beliefs by going after government sites in which those countries take away the freedom from their people. That is just what Anonymous did yet again by Hacking multiple Chinese related sites. But instead of defacing them, left messages explaining how people in China can have a free internet, without the censorship of it’s dictating Government.

A new Twitter account has been opened just for Anonymous attacks against China, which we have a feeling will start to become very active in response to preventing it’s people from having a free world.

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Rumor: Anonymous To Take Down Internet This Saturday

Rumors are starting to go around, thanks to a Paste Bin post by someone claiming to be part of a larger group under the name Anonymous. That this Saturday, they’ll “crash” the net.

To protest SOPA, Wallstreet, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of sheer sadistic fun, on March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down. We’ll look to shut down the Internet by disabling its core DNS servers, thus making websites inaccessible

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Startup Quick Byte: SquadMail


For today’s Startup Quick Byte we take a look at another cloud based service, SquadMail. This like yesterdays is based out of Berlin, but aims to make email between multiple people easier. If you are working with someone else, or a team of people, SquadMail makes it so attaching documents, or files into a single folder for easy secure use.

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This Week In Funding 25 March 2012


This Week In Funding we have seen over $78 million dollars in investments go to Startups. They have raised it in all different ways, some going after big name Hollywood types like Ashton Kutcher. Or the more traditional rout with rounds Andreessen Horowitz leading the way. Everything from a Series A round to an E round happened. Bellow are a list of some of those that brought in investments this week.


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Startup Quick Byte: Share Magnet

For Startup Quick Byte we’ll take a look at Share Magnet, a company based out of Los Angeles, Ca. Share Magnet system enables users who register on the site to get paid for personally recommending relevant items to their friends, family and social connections. The revenue source comes from companies that wish to reward individuals who recommend their products, services, online links, and entertainment such as games, music, films, etc. In other words, you’ll be our advertising and we’ll pay you for sending links out to your friends.

Our mission is to bring consumers together through common interests, and reward them for sharing the things they like.


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[Updated]Google+ Land Of The 25 Million Blank Profiles, Make That 60 Million

News coming from Labnol  shows that Google+ has approximately 25 million blank profile pages. So the reports of everyone calling it the land of boredom may be true. However what the same report tells you that under 1 year of being open to the public, they’ve gained over 170 million “active” users.

While not scientific, Amit has been able to, thanks to Googles own Site Map, figure out what the numbers are. Larry Page reported over 90 million users in January. So in less than 3 months, Google + has theoretically gained over 80 million new users. Reports have it that by end of 2012 they will amass nearly 400 million users, but no telling how many are real, spam, or even active.


To see your self, copy and paste the line below for your self.

site:plus.google.com "has not filled * profile yet" inurl:about


Anup Verma on Google+ pointed out to me that, that number could actually extremely higher. Making the “real” number 60 million, instead of the original 25 million first reported if you are to believe the screen shot below. What he did was log out, put that “code” above and pulled this for me. However when I tried the same thing, I got 23.9 million. While this isn’t an exact science as to figuring out who has done what, it does show that 20+ million people don’t care to fill it out and most likely not using the service after checking it out.

Source: Labnol

Looking For A Date, Time To Play WoW Instead Of Match.com

Tired of dating the same losers, and plan on visiting sites like eHarmony and Match.com to fix that? You may want to hold that thought and start playing WoW(World of Warcraft) instead. A new infographic may change your mind on where you go first to find your ideal partner.

While they wouldn’t be the most desirable ones, you’ll have better luck it seems play hoping onto the MMORPG over any those dating sites.

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Another Day, Another Possible Black Mark On Pinterest

Another day, another possible black mark on Pinterest. The site that has been marked in the past with Link Baiting, Spam issues, and copyright infringement maybe up to it one more time. Business Insider is reporting that “VC’s” are trying to get a new round of investment valued for the company at around $1 billion dollars. There is just one problem with that, everyone they’ve called to talk to has denied it with no known knowledge of a new round. Nor does Pinterest “want” to raise a new round of funding as of yet they claim. This is also a company that still has no business model for revenue yet as their past one with links didn’t work out.

What they are hearing is VC’s are trying to bribe and are showing up uninvited to Pinterest in hopes of starting those talks.

Could it be a rogue investor trying to drum up more interest as one of the original investors as either bringing more money in or a possible exit plan? Or could it just be that Pinterest is trying to drum up hopes of another round, so that hopefully someone buys them out instead.

Source: Business Insider

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay which recently due to legal litigation against another site, revamped how it would do business is doing so yet again. First they would no longer allow users to download Torrent files from them, but instead use a magnet to do so. Now is flying in the Drones to do its work.

Seeing how the US has no legal grounds over International waters, that’s where The Pirate Bay is heading, but not in ships. Using GPS-controlled drones, instead of data centers.

Everyone knows WHAT TPB is. Now they’re going to have to think about WHERE TPB is. We were further informed that the first drone will probably fly above international waters.We’re already the most resilient and the most down to earth. That’s why we need to lift off, being this connected to the ground doesn’t feel appropriate to us anymore,

Is the statement Pirate Bay told TorrentFreaks earlier today. Not sure how it’ll work, don’t worry, they’ve also even explained it as they are not shy that this’ll be their next move to combat what has been an offensive by the US against websites, the government doesn’t like, even if no legal grounds to stop it are there.

With the development of GPS controlled drones, far-reaching cheap radio equipment and tiny new computers like the Raspberry Pi, we’re going to experiment with sending out some small drones that will float some kilometers up in the air. This way our machines will have to be shut down with aeroplanes in order to shut down the system. A real act of war. We’re just starting so we haven’t figured everything out yet. But we can’t limit ourselves to hosting things just on land anymore. These Low Orbit Server Stations (LOSS) are just the first attempt. With modern radio transmitters we can get over 100Mbps per node up to 50km away. For the proxy system we’re building, that’s more than enough.

Lets just make sure those in control don’t accidentally fly over New York as they already have the ability to not only shot down planes, but Drones as well.

Scott Pelley: Are you satisfied that you’ve dealt with threats from aircraft, even light planes, model planes, that kind of thing?

Kelly: Well, it’s something that’s on our radar screen. I mean in an extreme situation, you would have some means to take down a plane.

Pelley: Do you mean to say that the NYPD has the means to take down an aircraft?

Kelly: Yes, I prefer not to get into the details but obviously this would be in a very extreme situation.

Pelley: You have the equipment and the training.

Kelly: Yes

As you can see again in an article we posted in September of last year. Here video included.

This’ll be a new challenge as we may see more Torrent sites trying to do the same. We’ll be keeping an eye on this as more news comes in.


Source: TorrentFreak

Return Voyage For LulzSec? Rumors Say Yes And No

The infamous collective of 6 people who became famous last year for websites in which they’ve hacked as well as companies may be back. Or may not be, matters whom you talk to. LulzSec because famous quickly via Twitter for hacking into the likes of Fox’s TV shows and reveling the contestants before the X-Factor even aired. Along with hacks like PBS and others. However, in the last couple of weeks everything seemed to have ended with their “leader” Sabu, who was outed as a FBI informant.

Now a YouTube video may contradict their demise…

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And Here Comes The Spam, Pinterest Style


With over 11 Million unique visitors in January alone, it’s no surprise that Spammers have hit Pinterest, our favorite new Social Network that can’t stay out of trouble. While this isn’t anything new that people will post Spam, it’s just another black eye in what has been an interesting 2012 for the newest flavor of the month.

With the growth of the site it was no shock that Spammers would be flocking to it seeing how it gives more hits to sites compared to Google+, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined.

The questions is now, how can Pinterest fight this latest issue they are having. They’ve already successfully fought off the other ones so it’ll be interesting how they fair with this.


Source: GigaOm