48 Startup Stories From SXSW 2013 [sxsw]

Startups,SXSW,SXSWi,SXSW2013Before we dive into this list of 48 startup stories from everywhere else at SXSW 2013, in the words of the late great Billy Mays, “But wait there’s more”. We have another weeks worth of stories so if we met you or interviewed you and you don’t see your story yet, or your jonesing for even more startup stories from SXSW keep checking back.

And of course, this was ONE writer, and we could always use your help, so click here!

Speek’s Danny Boice pitches at TechCocktail event, co-founder John Bracken gets a monkey tattooed on his ass.

We met this cool founder, Josh, from Birminham Alabama, claiming “NotIt” 

If you’re crowdfunded startup needs due diligence, this DC startup has you covered

AustinPreneur Jason Cohen, on angel investing and deal flow

DC startup Homesnap returns to SXSW after nailing funding in 2012

The Sneaker Strapped SXSW take over

KC Startup TreeSwing gets you started with investing for a buck

These ladies have the ultimate breakup app 

Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend speaks on a SXSW panel about Startup Communities

Yes there are cool startups in New Hampshire like RockLobby

Woman founders hows off her startup that helps you tell stories through cooking

Tony Hsieh talks about startup communities

Juan DotCo, no relation to Kim DotCom, takes a break from his birthday party to chat with nibletz.

Mr. Lean Startup, Eric Ries, gives out some advice.

We attended over 30 parties, VegasTech’s was the best.

Don’t believe us, here are the Vines from the Vegas Tech Party

Interview with Bad Ass Startup Chick, Denver Hutt.

This Austin startup has home automation, REALLY figured out

Yes, Dave McClure did the Harlem Shake at SXSW

A startup from Sheboygan Wisconsin launches at SXSW, and gives away $150,000

Meet our good friend Sam from Atlanta and his startup Medicast.

Yes this is a bad ass startup from Las Vegas and it’s all about bowling.

Steve Case talks about the importance of crowdfunding for early stage startups

DC Mayor Vince Gray comes to SXSW to support DC startups

Meet Startup Bus startup BriefSkate, the first startup to build an actual physical product on the Startup Bus.

Move over Mailbox App, Taskbox is better.

We caught up with Alex from Fetchnotes at SXSW

Austin startup Stormpulse is immune to the series a crunch.

Chicago Startup tackles childhood obesity

Drunkspotting gets created on the bus after the startup bus. 

Jason Cohen on the importance of AngelList.

Interview with Crowdery at the SXSW Startup Crawl.

Video pitch from MatchBox one of the LaunchEDU finalists 

Interview with Shari Wynne the founder of Austin’s Incubation Station

Baltimore startup disrupts curriculum writing.

Austin startup Ordoro was our first stop on the SXSW startup crawl

Here’s the winner of the K-12 category at LaunchEDU

Here’s the winner of the higher ed category at LaunchEDU 

Check out this Chicago Ed Tech startup from SXSWedu

Maryland startup Collegesnapps gets students to and through college

The big win announcement from SXSWedu

Amplify announces a tablet for middle schoolers at SXSW

I wish we had this when I was in school

I don’t care what they do, this startup has a bad ass name

We caught the premiere of the StartupWeekend EDU movie at SXSW

Cristin Frodella talks about the Google Science Fair in the Google Classroom at SXSW

Catch the evolution of SXSW in an infographic

This Boston Augmented reality startup won two honors at SXSW 2013



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